10 Craziest Soccer Tattoos

Cool Designs Make Cool Tattoo Designs

Many tattoo enthusiasts have proudly displayed their cool tattoo designs to me soliciting my opinion. My thoughts are simply if you think it is cool, then it is in the category of cool tattoo designs. It does compel me to wonder though what is cool and what isn’t, and where do cool tattoo designs come from?

The Cherry Blossom Tattoo And You – Picking The Perfect Cherry

Many women today are going to tattoo shops and getting cherry blossoms done. They may not know the significance of the cherry blossom, but they know it is a beautiful blooming flower that looks great in all sorts of layouts and pretty much anywhere on the body. So what does the cherry blossom actually represent?

Test Your Tattoo First With Temporary Tattoos

Not yet certain if getting a tattoo is for you? There are ways you can try before you buy. One such way being getting a temporary tattoo.

Options to Remove a Tattoo and Its Price

Getting a tattoo can be fun but have you ever wondered at any circumstance how hard it can be to remove it? It can cost you more and would not be effective, if the best tattoo removal option is not chosen. So what reason would cause for a person to remove a tattoo? You probably might not like the design, the tattoo is not relevant for you anymore (ex-partners name) or it can be due to your job requirement.

Design Tattoos – Mehndi-Henna

Although not really tattoos, henna design tattoos are healthy, pain-free alternatives that are popular for special occasions. The designs for Mehndi originated in India where bride Mehndi designs were used on the bride’s hands. Today, simple designs of Mehndi can be used for all kinds of special occasions without the permanent results of a tattoo.

Getting the Tattoo You Will Love for a Lifetime

Getting a tattoo is a fun experience but should never be done on impulse. The result will last a lifetime so it’s worth taking the time to really think about it and consider the art that will have meaning to you now and for the years to come.

Tattoo Machines For Sale And Selecting Your First Tattoo Equipment

When you start to search for your first tattoo gun, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed. It could be easy for even an expert tattoo artist to struggle to choose tattoo equipment, let alone a beginner. But there are some things that you should consider when looking through the various tattoo machines for sale for your first gun. You should begin your quest by verifying that it is legal for you to purchase or own the tattoo equipment. Some places require permits or certificates…

Temporary Tattoos – Flag and Fat

Temporary tattoos are popular for several reasons. This article tells a little joke to impress upon you the importance of getting a temporary one before inking it permanently.

Online Tattoo Designs – Why Are They So Popular?

Online tattoo designs are extremely popular for those getting their first tattoo. This article provides 3 main reasons why online tattoo designs are preferred compared to getting one at a tattoo parlour.

Tattoo Studio Safety and Aftercare

There is quite a lot to consider when selecting a suitable tattoo parlour. Of paramount importance is sanitation and Tattoo aftercare, there are a few hazards that one should be aware of when you choose a tattoo artist. Before considering discounts, flexible booking times or convenient location, make sure the studio you choose has strict health and safety guidelines.

Tips For Effective Tattoo Removal

If you seriously regret having a tattoo, it is better to get it removed. Every person has his/her own reasons for wanting to get a tattoo removed. The best way to do so is by a laser treatment.

Inked – Why Did You Get That Tattoo? A Look a Just How Tattoo’s Have Become So Popular

I’m not exactly sure when or how it began. But somewhere in the past twenty years or so, getting a tattoo went from something that was very unusual and, pretty much taboo (unless you were ex military) to something that is so mainstream that your grandma might just decide to get a rose tattooed on the ankle. Or worse!

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