10 Cute Small Tattoo Ideas

Usually girls opt for small tattoos because they look cute, elegant and enhance the beauty of the part where they are placed. The advantage of small tattoos are that they are less painful as they are done over a small area. Let’s Take A Look At A Few Small Tattoo Designs That Are Currently In Vogue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-IPczZkylA

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Awesome Female Tattoos – Creative Designs For a Glamorous Look

The world of tattoo is expanding. With that expansion, comes the female. She is fast becoming as much apart of this culture as her counterpart.

Top Tattoo Designs – Customize Your Tattoo to Fit You Perfectly!

You don’t want to have art on your body that is all over the world on everybody else’s body. This is just not good because your tattoo should mean something to you and have some symbolism. This is important because it is your tattoo and it is not coming off any time soon. Here is how to get the top tattoo designs for you on your body.

Printable Tattoo Designs – What to Do With Online Tattoo Designs!

Are you ready to get your first tattoo or maybe you are just ready for a new one? There are good ways to go about getting your tattoo and bad ways. We are about to discuss the benefits of using printable tattoo designs from the internet and what you should avoid.

Tattoos For Women – Locating the Best Ideas

With all the “junk” websites out there, searching for a tattoo has went from fun to frustrating. So many women seem to be stuck it a vicious, unoriginal tattoo cycle. What I mean by that is that I seen so many women with tattoos, and they all look the same. So where do you go then to find the fresh, new ideas that nobody else has?

Find a Tattoo Design

Weather you have a tattoo or are thinking of getting your first one, trying to find an original idea is a pain in the butt. If you were like me when I got my first tattoo design, you either spent hours on the internet or you did the boring tedious task of searching through the 1,000’s of generic ideas at the tattoo parlor.

Sexy Places to Get a Tattoo

As a man, I can tell you first hand that tattoos on a women are hot but what is even better is if they put them in sexy places. I will run down a list of places that I am sure most men find it very sexy to have a tattoo.

Tribal Heart Tattoos – Think Before You Get One

Are you one of the women thinking about tattooing a tribal heart to the skin of your lower back? If you are, you ought to be aware of some of the most common mistakes that people make when getting tattoos.

Celebrity Tattoo Regret – Megan Fox

Megan Fox has not come out and admitted she regrets one of her tattoos, but it’s pretty safe to assume she is majorly regretting that Brian tattoo she has on her pelvic area. Megan and fiance, Austin Green have officially called off their engagement and have broken up.

Think Twice About a Tattoo on Your Stomach

A lot of young women think it is a great idea to get a cute little butterfly tattooed somewhere on their stomach more than likely the pelvic area. But what these young women don’t realize is if they were to get pregnant one day their tattoo will never look the same again.

Celebrity Tattoos – Chris Brown

Chris Brown is in an awful mess these days dealing with the allegation of basically beating up girlfriend Rihanna. While Chris has remained pretty quiet about the whole incident, one thing is for sure he has a huge love for tattoos. He broke all sorts of laws when he was 13 years old when he got his very first tattoo.

Why Do Foot Tattoos Fade So Quickly?

There has been a lot of speculation about why foot tattoos seem to fade a heck of a lot faster than any other tattoo. Some say it is because your foot goes through a lot everyday. From sweating, to socks and shoes rubbing up against them.

Celebrity Tattoos – Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green has come a long way since his David Silver and 90210 days. Currently David is involved with the Sarah Conner Chronicles on Fox. David has had much success with this new show,which has quickly become a hit show and has quit the following. Even though Brian Austin Green has broken up with his longtime very hot girlfriend, Megan Fox there is still one thing that the two still have in common and share a love for, tattoos.

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