10 Tattoos Every Basic Girl Secretly Wants

Tattoo Designs for Women: 10 Tattoos Every Basic Girl Secretly Wants

Lower Back Tattoo Designs Usually Used by Women

Ever thought of possibly getting tattoo, or more specifically, a lower back tattoo design? There can be thousands of reasons you might want to get one. Admit it, getting a tattoo makes you really feel cool and overwhelming to other people. You might want to get a tattoo to impress people and show your friends that you are a tough guy since most people getting tattoos are tough guys. It may be for personal reasons also such as expressing or letting out your artistic side. You might want to let people know how artistic you to the point of using your own body as canvass.

Heart Tattoo Designs For All Ages And Sexes

Thinking of getting a tattoo? Why do want to get one? Is it not painful and hard to get? Of course it is, but provided you have very strong reasons and the right motivation, why not? It can be to express your artistic side to everyone. Heart tattoo designs is considered an art, wherein although some people would not like it and even criticize you for getting one, most people especially the young ones would worship you. The generation of youth today find tattoos very mysterious and when someone gets one, he is usually perceived as dangerous and very cool.

Harley Davidson Tattoos Can Be in a Lot of Forms and Illustrations

Ever thought of getting a tattoo? You may want to get a tattoo for a lot of reasons, most of which are general, but some are also personal, such as those with significance and importance such as Harley Davidson tattoos. In general, most people would want a tattoo to appear cool and intimidating to other people.

Maori Tattoo Designs – Discover New Ideas For Your Next Maori Tribal Tattoos

Maori tattoo designs are highly popular although it is probably more accurate not to call them Maori tribal tattoos but Maori-inspired tattoos instead. This is because true, genuine tattoos of this type are only given within the original communities from where these originated. In this article, I want to help you generate new ideas and develop them so you can get closer to being certain what you want from your artist.

Ancient Egyptian Tattoo Designs – Some Inspiration And Ideas For You Of Egyptian Tattoos

Ancient Egyptian tattoo designs make for great tattoos but you must be careful to ensure that they are accurate. Besides that, I would like to give you some ideas to think about and help you get closer to your final Egyptian tattoo idea to give to your tattoo artist.

Avoid the Good Tattoo Design, Bad Tattoo Syndrome

Most tattoo enthusiasts spend a lot of time and sometimes even money to guarantee that they love their tattoo designs. But even once you find the most amazing tattoo design, you still need to choose a professional tattoo artist that will provide you with this amazing tattoo. It sounds simple, but you will not have a hard time finding hundreds of tattoos that used to be beautiful designs on paper and look horribly wrong on the skin.

Everything About Henna Tattoos

Recently, Henna tattoos became popular all over the world. It is considered as a fashion that is accepted not just by teenagers but also by mature people who always want to be fashionable at all times.

Temporary Tattoos – Should They Look Real?

Some people want to express themselves with the help of body art but unfortunately, they can’t because they don’t have the tolerance for pain needed to be inked for life. If you’re looking for the painless route of using fake tattoos, should they look real?

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Tattoos. They used to be a thing of taboo. Now every second person you look at has one, that is visible. It doesn’t even cover those who are sporting them in places you can’t see unless you’re in the most intimate of settings. They used to be something that only the bad guys sported. The bikers, the gang members, bad mouthed sailors and inmates. Now even that cute girl next store is sporting one.

Least Painful Place To Get A Tattoo

Many newbies often wonder where is the least painful place to get a tattoo. This article is about where the least painful place to get a tattoo is, and what makes it so ideal.

Choose the Ultimate Tattoo Design – At Home or in the Parlor

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting experience, as long as you don’t get pressured into picking your design. So what are the pros and cons of choosing your next tattoo design at home, or going to the parlor and doing it there?

Tattoo Lotions – How to Select the Best One for Your Tattoo

While most tattoo artists will agree that, for the first three days after getting fresh ink, you should use A&D Ointment to protect your new tattoo, there is far less agreement on what healing product to use for the three weeks after that. We know that you should gently clean the inked skin using a mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water. But what should you apply to your cleaned skin to protect your new ink and encourage the healing process? There are ingredients contained in many common lotions that can actually damage your tattoo, while other ingredients ought to be considered necessary components of any good lotion. Don’t settle – make sure you and your ink get only the best.

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