30 Black & Grey Tattoo Ideas You’ll Instantly Love

After searching the web high and low, we’ve put together a collection of what we feel are some of the most amazing black and grey ink tattoos around. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Remember the Chain Link Tattoo Around the Bicep? What Ever Happened to This Generic Tattoo Design?

What happened to the cool and dangerous chain link tattoo? These generic designs peaked out in the 90’s and died a quick death soon thereafter. Find out what happened.

Bad Tattoos – Don’t Make These Disastrous Tattoo Choices!

Want to avoid bad tattoos? Here are some disastrous tattoo choices to avoid.

Ankle Tattoos – Locating the Sites With Top Quality Design Choices

You can’t just see a half dozen ankle tattoos and automatically pick one to get inked. That’s a downright horrible way to put something so permanent on your body. With that said, people are spending hours and hours looking for artwork every single day and see nothing but the same generic designs all the time. It’s enough to make your head spin, but one simple change in how you search for ankle tattoos will open brand new doors.

Finding a Tattoo For a Woman – Where Has the Top Quality Artwork Gone?

If you’re head is about to explode because of all the generic stuff you’re seeing when picking a tattoo for a woman, you are not alone. You wouldn’t believe how many females go through this exact same torture. While it’s true that the internet is saturated with galleries that post nothing but pages of cookie cutter artwork, you can also skip past those places, all while diving into sites with truly amazing artwork for selecting a tattoo for a woman.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Locating Superb Artwork For This Fine Design Choice

You can only go in a couple directions when hunting for good cherry blossom tattoo designs. In addition to that, most of you are choose the wrong directing, meaning that you’re looking for them the wrong way and ending up seeing a whole lot of generic artwork. The last thing a cherry blossom tattoo should be is “cookie cutter”, so I’m going to show you the simplest way of finding amazing designs for this style.

Locate Good Tattoos For Girls and Sites That Have Lots of Artwork

Any style you pick can be considered good tattoos for girls, but will you find fresh, quality artwork? You may be shaking your head right now, because you’ve been jumping through hoops of totally generic designs and loads of cookie cutter tattoo art. Well, I have some sweet news for you, because one fast switch in how you look for good tattoos for girls will bring you right over to the sites that have original, true tattoo artwork.

Choosing a Tattoo – How to Write Articles on Tattoos For the General Public

If you go to a Southern California beach these days you will notice how many people have tattoos. Many of these are especially easy to notice because people are wearing fewer clothes at the beach and dressed in a scantily clad fashion. Interestingly enough, it is amazing the variety of tattoos that are available, and the types of designs that people take so personally that they would stamp their bodies permanently with.

Be Bold and Sexy With Aries Tattoos

Create a fashion statement with some beautiful tattoo designs. Decorate the body part with smart, innovative tattoos. Visit some amazing tattoos galleries and select the best tattoo design for you.

Taurus Tattoos – Read Your Bull Sign

Create a fashion statement with some beautiful tattoo designs. Decorate the body part with smart, innovative tattoos. Visit some amazing tattoos galleries and select the best tattoo design for you.

Finding the Perfect Tattoo – Tips on Choosing the Tattoo For You and Your Body

Having a tattoo these days is like owning a car, it seems everyone owns a car, the same goes for tattoos, however you can sell or swap a car if you get fed up of it. You can’t do that with a tattoo, a tattoo is more or less there for the rest of your life. Picking a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life is tricky business.

High Quality Tattoo Designs – The Main Advantage of Using One

While picking a high quality tattoo design is very important to me you would be amazed by how many people walk into a tattoo shop each day and present very low quality tattoo designs to artists and ask them to put them on their bodies. I for one do not understand the logic behind this because a tattoo artist can only tattoo what is in front of them, and if you have a low quality image then it’s pretty clear to me that the end result isn’t going to be excellent.

High Quality Tattoo Designs – How to Find Them

I’m constantly asked when people see my own tattoos, where did I have the tattoo or which artist did the work and I often tell them, however what I don’t tell them is my secret. My secret is that yes I do go and have my tattoos carried out by an experienced and excellent artist, but I also take him high quality designs so that he can work his magic.

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