35 Awesome Ink Ideas For Women That Will Catch Your Eye

For many, finding the right tattoo is a right of passage. And considering the fact that something as simple as a tattoo can literally define you, the process of selecting that perfect design can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating. Here are 35 awesome ink ideas for women that will catch your eye.

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Everything About Tattoo Removal

Many folks want their tattoos extracted for some reason or another. A few reasons why they would want a tattoo removed would be, because it was something they regret when they were dumb or it was simply a horrible mistake. Tattoos are sometimes a burden to some people and they simply do not want to face them at all, so they make a decision to get them taken off.

Tattoo Quotes – Ideas and Tips!

Getting quotes tattooed on your body is getting more and more popular. Celebrities left and right are getting them, including Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham. Why would one want tattoo quotes? What is so great about these kinds of tattoos and what type should you get? Let me answer these questions and give you some good tattoo quotes recommendations.

Lion Tattoo – Its Meaning and Why It’s an Awesome Choice

Most people consider getting a tattoo as a way to express themselves and as a type of art. While there are several people who thoroughly think of a design before getting it done, there are some who do it because they are drunk. But nevertheless, one of the common designs which have some meaning behind it is the lion tattoo.

Top 5 Tattoo Mistakes

A tattoo is for life and you should definitely avoid all the most obvious and common tattoo mistakes people make. These are often life long regrets that can be a hassle to try and cover up or get rid of.

Japanese Tattoo Designs – Learn the Fascinating History Behind Japanese Tattoo Symbols

The history behind Japanese tattoo designs is believed to have started around 5000 BC. Japanese men, women of young or old age used to tattoo themselves with some religious themes in that period.

Tribal Tattoo Designs Bring Primitive Art to Life

Primitive art seems to be very popular in the tattoo world. This is most likely because tattoos are one of the earliest forms of expression. If you would are interested in a tribal art tattoo, read more for some interesting ideas to design the best tribal tattoo for your personality.

The Allure of Star Design Tattoos

There are many designs to choose from when you decide to get a tattoo. Few, however, are as versatile as the star. There are so many different meanings that can be attached to a star design. Read more to find out what they are.

Meaning of Heart Tattoo Designs

Having a hard time choosing which heart design for your next tattoo idea? Some sample heart design ideas include: Celtic, broken, locked, pierced, and sacred. Make sure to research the meaning of the heart design before getting inked!

Laser Tattoo Removal – Is it Safe?

Laser tattoo removal can be a good method of tattoo removal today. The procedure uses a short series of high intensity light pulses on the tattoo inked skin area.

Is Tat B Gone Fade Cream Better Than Laser Treatment?

Are you the owner of a tattoo you are no longer proud of? Or maybe you have one that you just want to get reworked. A lot of individuals thinking about tattoo removal start contemplating laser surgery for an option.

Tattoo Removal Programs

Tattoo removal programs have expanded over the last few years. With everything from actual surgery to tattoo fade creams it can sometimes be confusing which one will fit your situation. This article is about the different procedures for removal and what each process involves.

Choices to Remove Tattoos From Your Body

There are numerous methods of removing a tattoo from your skin, and most are painful and expensive. Here is a list of the most common techniques…

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