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When most of us think about face tattoos, we think about someone like retired boxer Mike Tyson or rapper “The Game”. if you haven’t finished school yet or you don’t have a secure job, we definitely don’t recommend getting a face tattoo but you’re your own boss and at the end of the day, you can do whatever you want to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJZaSwCDra8

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How to Get a Tattoo off Your Body

There are few ways of getting a tattoo off your skin, but none of them are easy, pleasant or simple

What You Should Know About Tattoos

I will try to be as impartial as I can, what is sort of hard I have the tattoo bug -but I do not want to go around telling people what I think is best, getting a tattoo is a serious thing, is something that you will be with you

Free Tattoo Designs Are They Really Worth It?

Are you looking everywhre on the internet for great quality free tattoo designs? If so read this article to learn more about using free tattoo designs.

Industrial Hemp

There is a huge following of Industrial Hemp activists and there are many products made from it from personal care products to rope. Of course it does have a bad stigma attached to it due to the drug issue.

3D Tattoos Available Soon Says Futurist

A futurist recently stated in an online think tank that he believed that genetic 3D tattoos maybe possible within the next couple of decades. He went onto predict that the use of cell expression, cell coating and genetic modification using the latest cutting edge discoveries would indeed aid in the process.

Genetic Tattoos of the Future

In the future there will be genetic tattoos which will prevent infection and stay crisp longer, use natural colors of nature and even be 3D in depiction. This is pretty high tech stuff, but you can expect it to come into existence within a couple of decades as genetic manipulation or cell expression BioTech breakthroughs become more prevelant.

The Science Behind Genetic Tattoos of the Future

In the future of course there will be tattoos and there will be the latest cutting edge genetic tattoos in 3D and full color. And will appear to be below the skin, as the first layers of skin and the cells below will become translucent. Imagine that, very excellent indeed.

Tattoos: For the Love of Art?

How far are you willing to go for your love of art? Do you have art, designs, emblems, or icons written on your body? If art is your passion, why damage your skin with images you may later regret? To love and embrace art does not mean you need to tattoo yourself.

Choosing Your New Tattoo

A short article helping you to choose the right tattoo for you. Why leave such an important decision to chance?

Tattoos: Getting Them, Maintaining Them, and Removing Them

Tattoos are a popular method of personal expression in many countries and cultures around the world. These permanent, often colorful designs are embedded in the top few layers of your skin. Many people get tattoos as a way to symbolize something important to them; others do so because of cultural norms or in order to make a statement. If you are considering getting a tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of tattoo care, methodology, and tattoo removal, should you decide you no longer want the design.

Everything You Need to Know About Tattoos

If you are considering tattoos, keep in mind that they are a permanent part of your skin. Because tattoos are created with permanent ink being placed underneath the skin, they are a lifelong fixture unless you later decide to have them removed. Having a tattoo removed involves surgery, which is very expensive and carries its own risks.

Tattooes, Bodyart, Body Painting-Self Expression-Friend or Foe

Tattooes are a bit like a marriage.They should not be rushed into. You should arm yourself with information before taking that big step.

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