50 of the Most Amazing Eyebrow Piercing Designs

Facial piercings are big business right now. And while a lot of people are getting piercings around their mouth, much of the time the eyebrow is going unnoticed – but for why? Eyebrow piercings are an awesome embellishment for those with great eyebrows. They draw attention to the eye and to your facial expressions. So, watch these 50 of the most amazing eyebrow piercing designs and let us know in the comments wgat is your favorite piercing design?
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Cherub Tattoo Designs – Best Tattoo Design Ever? Read This and Decide

Cherubs are usually depicted as chubby-faced children with wings. In Christianity, they are angels of the eight highest orders in the hierarchy of angels. They are thought to be the messenger of God, defining the link between heaven and humanity.

Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

It is no secret that a vast number of individuals who get tattoos in society today are women. Many women perceive tattoos to be indicative of their inner mind, their creativity, or in many cases, something that they greatly believe in.

The Meaning of Elephant Tattoo Designs Will Surprise You

Animal tattoos are very popular nowadays since they portray characteristics that most people are fond of. Although favorite animal tattoos are usually about the untamed jungle cats – lion, tiger – elephants are steadily claiming the attention of tattoo enthusiasts.

Tribal Armband Tattoo

More and more people decide to get a tattoo and as new people get into this world they usually pick their armband so the tattoo can also be seen by other people. This isn’t the only reason why people choose this particular spot. For first timers it is a way to experiment, some might be afraid to start with other parts of their body.

Gothic Tattoo Designs

Gothic is a culture that is especially popular amongst teenagers. It is a type of music as well as a fashion and trend. So if someone likes the music it doesn’t mean that they dress in this manner or the other way around.

Gothic Angel Tattoo

The gothic culture is both fashion as well as it is a style of music. Even if this is true, you rarely see the same person combining both. It is very popular between teenagers.

Armband Tattoo Designs

If you want to fit in with today’s fashion and if you want to be cool, what you need to do is to get a tattoo. Lately there are more and more people who have an interest for this art and most of them usually get one. Usually the first area where newcomers choose for their tattoo is the armband.

Flower Tattoo Designs, and the Meanings Behind Them

There are several thousand flower species in existence, and each has a different meaning. This gives you thousands of ways to express your personality. Read more for some interesting information about the most common flower designs, and the meanings behind them.

Are Sleeve Tattoo Designs Right For You?

A tattoo sleeve, when done correctly, can be a beautiful representation of who you are. However, there are many things to consider when you are thinking about getting one. This article will explore the reasons that you might have, and the things that you need to know.

5 Tattoo Tips For Getting a Great Tattoo!

Before getting your first tattoo there are many factors to consider. Let me give you 5 tattoo tips for getting a great tattoo.

Every Good Female Tattoo Gallery Should Have Two Qualities

If you’re looking for the perfect female tattoo gallery, you probably won’t find it. Most of them have their fair share of bland, played out artwork, but some of them are far better than the others at also supplying you with a huge amount of fully original artwork, made by real artists. if you take a couple minutes to check out the female tattoo gallery you dive into, you can instantly see which type of website you are at.

What You Must Know About Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular Celtic tattoo designs is the Celtic cross tattoo. The cross is characterized by a circle placed on the middle of the cross, right between the three points of the figure.

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