A Tattoo Day: What Is Cleen Really Like? | Ink Master

Here’s what you didn’t get to see from Cleen Rock One’s 35-hour master canvas! THIS is what it’s like to get tattooed by Cleen. Watch full episodes of Ink Master: https://www.paramountnetwork.com/shows/ink-master

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Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nation’s best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.


Locating The Perfect Male Tattoo – Finding Guy Tattoos and Designs

Searching endlessly for the perfect male tattoo is what a lot of guys do. With os much generic artwork littering the web, it seems as if finding any decent guy tattoos is nearly impossible a lot of the time. Well, here is what everybody needs to know about a lot of that type of material, as well as how to fly right past it while getting to the good stuff.

Sun Tattoo Design – Find Great Artwork Of Suns Online

A sun tattoo design or related artwork of suns online can be such a special thing for a large number of people. It’s a really nice piece, but finding the quality artwork on the internet can be nearly impossible, as you may have noticed. Well, here is what you need to know before you go ahead and choose some generic designs, as well as how to avoid them while getting to the good stuff.

Celtic Knot Tattoos – The Emblem of Eternity

Celtic knotwork lives up to its world famous reputation as the most beautiful facet of the ancient Irish artwork. The interlacing patterns are easily identifiable as the unique and extraordinary blossoming of the Celtic soul, captivated forever in the Celtic manuscripts and thesedays, on the skins of contemporary tattoo enthusiasts.

Phoenix Tattoo Design – Where’s The Good Artwork Online?

A Phoenix tattoo design is something special to many people and is not something that should be just “settled” on. With so much generic artwork on the web, though, many people end up doing exactly this. Well, here are some very critical things you must know about this kind of art, as well as how to avoid it completely while getting directly to the good stuff.

Maori Tattoo Design – Finding Quality Artwork On The Web

When choosing something great like a Maori tattoo design, settling for generic artwork should not be an option. Yet, this is what a lot of people end up doing, which is never a good thing for any tattoos. With so much generic art on the internet, here is what you need to know about this nice style when it comes to choosing your material, as well as how to locate the good stuff on the web.

Tattoo Back Design – Finding The Good Artwork Online

A tattoo back design in surely a great choice for most people, but locating the quality artwork online can be a very hard thing, as you may have noticed. There are quite a few people who even give up on their search completely because of all of the generic designs that litter the web. Well, here are some very critical things you must know about that kind of art, as well as how to swerve right past it while getting to the good stuff.

Nature, Creativity, and Pleasure, Through Butterfly Tattoo Designs

In both United States and in Europe as well as world over, creative tattoo designs have become fashionable. Almost every other person now sports tattoos and latest designs are all the rage.

Celtic Design Tattoos – Absolute Pure Art

Celtic design tattoos are amongst the most fashionable tattoo designs of all, because of their antique historic representation and they are simply the most attractive tattoos in the entire tattoo world. People from all over the world have become fascinated with the mystical nature encompassing Celtic design tattoos. For those who have Celtic descendents, Celtic design tattoos are a matter of pride.

Cross Tattoo Design – Finding Great Tattoos and Artwork Online

A cross tattoo design is something special for most people, which is why finding quality tattoos and artwork is critical. A lot of people simply give up on their search, because all they seem to find is bland, generic designs, as you may have noticed for yourself. Well, here is what you need about that type of content, as well as how to completely avoid it while getting to the good stuff.

How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo If You Are A Woman

Are you a feminine woman who just wants a tattoo to add to your sexiness? If you are not a biker lady and don’t want to show people how tough and manly you are but just want an elegant permanent decoration on your body, follow these tips.

Tattoo Design Tribal Celtic – Finding the Best Designs

Are you looking for a Tattoo Design Tribal Celtic? Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs are classical forms of artistic creation which present attractively as tattoos. Discovering the perfect design for a Celtic tribal tattoo can be difficult. Those with experience may not have too many problems, however those who are new to the tattoo world can certainly do with some guidance.

Tattoo Designs of Zodiac Signs & Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos and tattoos of people star signs are so hot right now, they are everywhere. Come with us as we explore some of the different tattoo design options to incorporate your zodiac sign.

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