After Watching This Video You’ll Probably Want To Get Inside Jesse Rix Tattoos

Jesse Rix is one of the best landscape tattooists in the world. His scenes from the natural world (as well as those beyond it) are simply stunning. He is capable of rendering these breath-taking images of wildernesses and paradises with exquisite detail in both black and grey and color realism. In this video we invite you to take a look at Jesse Rix’s amazing tattoo world.


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Female Chest Tattoos – Instantly Find Big Collections of Quality Art

You won’t have trouble finding generic female chest tattoos if you like cookie cutter artwork. If you actually care about the quality of the designs you put on yourself, though, you might want to listen to the next couple of short tips. Without them, 90% of all people end up seeing hoards of generic designs, while completely missing out on the galleries that have fresh, original female chest tattoos to pick from.

Cute Girl Tattoos – Get Directly to Better Collections of Artwork

It’s easy to start looking for cute girl tattoos, but most people are finding it impossible to find them. Everybody keeps getting led to these outdated galleries, which have servers filled with the most generic design choices imaginable. If this sounds similar to what you’re going through, listen up, because there’s a much easier way to pull up the sites hat will have huge collections of cute girl tattoos.

How to Find Great Tattoos and the Websites With Hoards of Artwork

When you find a collection that has great tattoos, you’ll know you’re in the right place. The issue now is that nine out of ten people have still not found that collection, or that one site that has fresh, high quality artwork thrown all over the place. Well, I will help you change that outcome, because I’ll show you how to yank up dozens of the sites that have huge selections of great tattoos.

Tattoo Drawings – Easily Locate the Amazing Artwork Galleries

For most individuals, finding nice, big galleries of tattoo drawings is a never ending journey. We continually get dragged to these low end galleries that stuff every page with the most generic designs and every cookie cutter tat you can imagine. If generic art is not your thing, you in luck, because I know a simple two step process for locating tons of galleries that will have fresh, high quality tattoo drawings for you.

Back Tattoos For Men – Get Tons of Amazing Art in a Fraction of the Time

Many of you are struggling mightily when searching for good back tattoos for men. Notice that I said the word “good”, because I bet that you’re not having much trouble finding huge galleries of basic, generic designs. Who wants to wander through a 100 pages of cookie cutter tats? If you don’t, here’s your fast and sneaky way to find galleries full of original, high quality back tattoos for men.

Why Choose Custom Tattoo Designs?

If you are planning to get a new tattoo, it is bound to be a scary and exciting experience. A lot of the people who want to get a tattoo, will simply go to their local tattoo shop and pick something off the wall. Instead of paying to have a tattoo that probably millions of other people have, why not have a custom tattoo design?

Lion Tattoo Designs Are Popular Choices For Many Reasons

Lions are the “Kings of Beast”. Not only that, but they are extremely beautiful animals. They symbolize bravery, pride, and strength. Just about every culture in the world associates lions with positive attributes. Many people opt to get lion tattoo designs because they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but because people like lions and what they stand for. There are plenty of reasons why people get lion tattoos, and this guide presents an overview of some of the most popular choices.

Tattoos of Crosses

Crosses of many types find their images as favorites on the bodies of many tattoo lovers. There are the obvious crosses which have religious significance, as well as culturally derived designs which refer to nations, ethnic groups or associations. Their origins and history as well as the reasons you might, or might not want to display certain choices is mentioned within.

Extensive Tattoos – Sleeves & Other Long Term Projects

Tattoo sleeves are much more common today since the resurgence of interest in tattooing has swelled so much in recent years. Many approach the idea without giving the project all the necessary considerations. In this article we discuss those points and define the basic elements of sleeve tattoos.

How to Find a Great Female Tattoo Gallery

When looking for a female tattoo gallery don’t just look for one that is fully loaded but for one that has original, quality artwork. If you just look for the fully loaded ones they will be quite generic. So how do you search for a female tattoo gallery? Well sit back and relax because I am about to show you how in a matter of minutes instead of you spending hours because I bet you are not doing it the right way as of now.

Female Tattoo Gallery

What is a female tattoo gallery and how can it benefit you? Simply put it is an area where women can go and find tattoos. It is a membership area so you do not have to spend several hours trying to find a tattoo online. You could spend days if not weeks searching the web trying to find a perfect tattoo for you but you may come up empty.

Pete Wentz Tattoos – Do Tattoos and Rock Stars Go Together

If there are two things that should go together, its tattoos and rock stars. After all, tattoos have long been a symbol of rebellion. For male rock stars, tattoos have the added attraction of making you look like a badass.

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