Alexis Kovacs: Exit Interview | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.

Finding a Quality Flash Tattoo Design – Where Are They?

It’s not hard to spend a couple of minutes and find tons of galleries that will have a flash tattoo design. There seems to be a huge problem with locating the “quality artwork out there, though. There was a time when anybody could find exactly what they wanted when looking for tattoos, but not anymore. Here is how you can uncover the tons of superb flash tattoo design artwork you have no doubt been missing out on.

Finding a Good Tattoo For Men on the Web

Finding a good tattoo for men is getting harder and harder for most people. The internet is getting more overloaded with generic artwork by the hour. There are so many galleries that have nothing but generic, low end images and it isn’t getting any better. There is still tons of quality tattoos out there, though, and I will show you a better way to find them.

Finding a Great Website For Tattoos – Where Are They At?

It’s not that finding a website for tattoos is very hard. It’s actually pretty simple. It’s the fact that most people can’t pin point the “quality” tattoo sites which is a problem. There was time when you could rely on a search-engine to show you the best places on the web, but not anymore, especially when it comes to finding a good website for tattoos. Here’s how to get around that and find the superb galleries out there.

Top Tattoo Websites – An Easy Way to Find Them

Most men and women can’t seem to find the top tattoo websites. It’s not that you aren’t able to find tons of galleries that have tattoos. It’s just that the way most people are looking for these sites (by a search engine!) is not the best way to do it. It usually just leads to generic, low end artwork that doesn’t do you any good. Here are simple techniques for pin pointing the top tattoo websites you have been missing out on.

Thigh Tattoo Design – How to Find the Great Artwork

When men and women look for a thigh tattoo design, most will never find the truly great artwork. Sure, you will be able to find tons of images to choose from, but many people fail to see even half of the superb designs that the web has to offer. Here are simple things you can do to get around this deterrent when choosing a thigh tattoo design.

Leg Tattoo Design – Tips on Locating Good Artwork For Your Legs

Getting a leg tattoo design is a very big decision. It’s not like you are going to the park to take a walk. It’s something that will be on your legs for a long time to come. It can be hard to find exactly what you want, though, because the web seems so overloaded with generic, low end artwork for tattoos. Let me shame some secrets about how to pin point the galleries that have fantastic leg tattoo design artwork and much more.

Shooting Star Tattoo Design – Getting Quality Artwork

The perfect shooting star tattoo is out there waiting for you. How do you find the quality artwork, though. Search engines certainly aren’t a help, because they always pull up tons of generic, low end galleries that aren’t worth your time. Let me share some simple tips for finding the a quality shooting star tattoo design without going through so much bland stuff.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo – Galleries That Have Great Designs

Getting a tribal shoulder tattoo is a huge decision on your part. You no doubt want the best artwork you can possible find, but is sure is hard to find most of the good stuff. It’s not you, though. It’s actually the search engines, which hallways tend to lead you right to the low end galleries out there. Well, here are simple ways you can uncover the tons of superb tribal shoulder tattoo designs you’ve been bypassing by mistake.

Tribal Arm Tattoo – Picking the Perfect Designs

Choosing a tribal arm tattoo is a pretty huge decision on your part. It’s not like you can just pick the first thing that looks half way decent. The problem is that there is so darn much generic, low end artwork on the net and most people never even get to see 60% of the quality stuff that is out there. That’s why I want to share a little something with you so that you can find the perfect tribal arm tattoo for your tastes.

Tattoo Back Design – Which Galleries Have Good Tattoos?

There is no need to look for a tattoo back design if everything on the net seems like generic art that isn’t worth your time. This is how many people end up feeling when looking for tattoos nowadays. It is getting harder and harder to find the galleries that have truly great artwork, especially if you are using a search engine. Well, I have found some simple things you can do to uncover a great tattoo back design and the tons of top notch galleries you have been missing.

Finding Good Foot Tattoos – Locating Superb Designs Online

When you are looking for foot tattoos for you, there are some simple tips you must know. First, you have to realize that there is a ton of generic, low end artwork out there. Secondly, search engines usually bring you right to all of these bottom of the barrel places. That’s the point I want to make and I also want to tell you how to find the truly superb foot tattoos online.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Where’s the Good Artwork?

Getting wrist tattoos for girls is a big decision that requires much thought. You don’t want some bland, meaningless tattoo on your wrists. It’s getting harder and harder, though, to find out where he truly superb artwork is, because the internet is so overloaded with generic artwork. Well, here are simple tips you can implement to find great wrist tattoos for girls and the galleries that have them.

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