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What Should Your Tattoo Be

I think it is pretty safe to say that the hardest decision that needs to made when one decides to get a tattoo is what to actually get a tattoo of. There is literally an endless amount of designs that you could choose from.

Think Before You Get Some Ink

I have mentioned this a few times before in my posting that you need to be 120% sure you want your tattoo and that you have given it a lot of consideration. To be frank you need to think before you ink.

Olympians Are Proud of Their Tattoos

You might be scratching your head at this point because you are not sure what tattoo’s and the Olympics have in common. Well the truth be told that a lot of Olympians actually have their tattoo location planned out a head of time, to ensure that their tattoo will be shown off to the world.

Celebrity Tattoos – Penelope Cruz

I’m going to start doing a post or two a week about celebrity tattoos. For some unknown reason the world seems to be overly obsessed with celebrities and people want to know everything about them and their tattoos are no different. Many people are curious to know what some of their favorite celebrities have tattoos of and what some of them might mean.

Don’t Scratch That Itch

You more than likely remember me mentioning something about your tattoo itching like crazy when it starts to heal. I actually don’t know why it itches so blasted much but it does and it is something you will have to deal with.

Great Example

I’m not one that necessarily encourages people to get tattoos of lover’s names or get the same tattoo as a lover. The reason behind this is you honestly do not know if you will be with that person forever.

Marine Corps Make a Change in Their Tattoo Policy

You may think that is kind of odd that the Marine Corps would be making a change in a tattoo policy. Mainly because way back in the day men who were in the service were one of the only people besides criminals and dirt bags that had tattoos.ta

What It’s Like to Get a Tattoo – Part Two

I have just realized that there are a lot more things I could inform all you tattoo-less people on, who are out there wondering what all is involved with getting a tattoo. To recap, yes it hurts to get one and yes you will experience some pain afterwards. But there is a lot more to it.

Starting a New Chapter in Your Life

We all know when it comes to getting a tattoo you don’t really have to have a reason to get one, you get one because you want one. Well it seems that a lot of people get tattoos to mark chapters in their life.

Tattoos and Sun

I have written some about tattoos and sun and how they really don’t mix well. But today I wanted to add a little something that I have not touched on about tattoos and sun.

Tattoo Galleries on the Internet – How to Find the Best Tattoos Online

Are you looking for a tattoo design? If you don’t want to go to a parlor and sift through their books for hours or stare at the walls trying to find a design, then there is another, and much better option: Tattoo Galleries on the internet.

Do Tattoos Help People Get Over the Loss of a Loved One?

It has became fairly popular and a lot more common for people who have lost a loved one or a dear friend to get something tattooed on their body in remembrance of that person. Whether it be a picture of them something they drew or even their name.

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