ARMPIT TATTOOS: Ideas, Pain, Experience

Armpit tattoos are not the most popular placement solution.
Even among the tattoo lovers, this placement is treated differently. And in any case, this place is an unusual one only for the coolest guys and girls. Armpit tattoos get a lot of questionable comments and negative reactions. How much does it hurt? According to folks who have them, the pain can get really intense.

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Sailor Jerry and His Sexy Pin Up Girl Tattoos

Sailor Jerry is the father of tattoo! His girl tattoos are the classic pinups of tattoo history!

Sacredness of Turtle Tattoos

Turtle tattoos are gaining more popularity than ever. If you are interested or curious on why, then continue reading.

Wrist Tattoos – A Better Option?

Tattoos are highly becoming popular. Almost every person wants to go along with the fad of getting inked. It’s widely accepted by society today compared to before. There are lots of skilled tattoo artists who are available to create a unique tattoo for you. In this article, we will show you why wrist tattoos have become one of the best known type of tattoos.

Great Tattoo Galleries

I know, I know. Finding a tattoo online is a pain in the butt. You can spend hours of searching online for a tattoo design and all you may find is the same old generic stuff. So how do you find an original tattoo on the net and more importantly, how do you do it quickly?

Breaking Taboo – Tattoo Etiquette For Today’s Society

Tattoos have been around since the dawn of time. They can be dated back as far as the Neolithic times. Many tribes across the globe participated in the art of tattoos. The reasons varied from group to group but most of them were based upon religious beliefs or rites of passage. Then the spread of Christianity caused these forms of body adornment to be seen unfavorably.

Celebrity Tattoos – Ben Affleck

When one thinks of Ben Affleck the first thing that comes to mind is a Hollywood hunk not a man that has several tattoos covering his shoulders. arms and back. Most people are not aware of Ben’s little tattoos collection, the main reason behind that is Ben is ashamed of his ink now.

Considering a Sleeve Tattoo

If you have made the decision to get tattooed, and you are having some trouble finding that one tattoo that completely and totally represents your individual style, then perhaps you should look into half sleeves and sleeves. A half sleeve is a series of tattoos that extend from the shoulders, down to the elbow, and a sleeve goes from the shoulders to the wrists.

Zodiac Tattoo Designs – Finding Your Ideal Zodiac Symbol Tattoo

Zodiac tattoo designs are among the most commonly requested tattoo types, and there is a huge variety available. This article looks at why people like astrological tattoos, and gives some tips to consider if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself.

Styles and Types of Flower Tattoos

For anyone considering getting flower tattoos, there are a number of resources out there to utilize in your search. You might think you want a black rose for example, but it is important that you find out that the black rose stands for death. Learn more about how flower tattoos are designed and what they represent below.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Asian Language Tattoo

Things that you should think about before you get a tattoo in an Asian language. Also pitfalls to consider and ways to avoid them.

Pisces Tattoos

Pisces is a name of an astrological that used people to mark constellation in the sky, it often used as a sacred signs to minority people who believe in astrological power will bring happiness and luck in life. There are some of signs and symbols that can be reflected to human personality and then the people believe that someone who had that will bring happiness to us. That was the tale from a pastime that may be real or fiction. Pisces or another zodiac symbols are very suitable and in charge to be one of our selection when we want to get tattoo and the tattoo designers draw it as good as it is to be looking attractive to people. Let us find out why this zodiac will enhance your personality.

Cute Tattoo Designs For Women – Finding the Best Feminine Tattoos

It’s easy to find great tattoo designs for women if you know where to look and what to consider. This article provides a quick guide to finding the perfect tattoo for you.

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