Arrow Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women To Find Your Inspiration

For some unexplainable reason arrow tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs in existence. And here are some of our favorite arrow tattoos created by tattoo artists from all over the world.

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Top Tattoo Websites – Getting Right to the Best Sites Available

It’s hard to imagine any of the top tattoo websites being left of the net. It’s almost as if they’ve all disappeared and been totally replaced by these staunch, generic laced galleries that just plop a whole bunch of cookie cutter junk on their servers. If this is how you feel, I’m glad you’re reading this, because tons of the top tattoo websites are still out there and all you have to do is change how you look for them.

Back of the Neck Tattoos – Finding the Big, High Quality Galleries

What’s the use of searching for back of neck tattoos if you wind up staring at the same generic junk wherever you go? This is what happens to so many people these days, where they keep chugging along, eying one generic design after another. Unless you plan on getting tattooed with a generic piece, it’s time to alter how you look for back of neck tattoos, because there is tons of fully original artwork out there.

Different Tattoo Lettering

Over the centuries people have used pictures to display their intentions for all to see; however, as with every new era, a new phenomenon is emerging in the form of tattoo lettering. Italic tattoo lettering is one of hundreds of font styles for you to choose from.

Create Your Own Tattoo

Ready to get inked? Making the decision to get a tattoo is the easy part. Deciding what you want to get, what style to get, where to get it, now that’s the hard part..

Best Tattoos For Girls

Want to find out what the best tattoos for girls are? Check them out!

How to Choose a Lower Back Butterfly Tattoo

Lower back butterfly tattoos are fashionable with women. The contours of a butterfly mirror the mirror-image roundness of a woman’s hips. In addition, because the lower back of a woman is reputed to be the core of her artistic energy, having a butterfly around this core of energy accentuates womanliness and power. However, making the choice of which design to go for can be difficult unless you know what you are after.

Sexy Tattoos For Women – Find Out How to Get the Very Sexiest Tattoos For Women

Most women who decide to get a tattoo will go for sexy tattoo designs as it will lead to more attention and added appeal. Most women these days are obsessed with looking stylish and sexy, and they will not mind some pain in getting there. The tattoos women get are in most cases a reflection of their personality and what they want people to know about them. It is a representation of the strength they posses and also a reflection on their womanhood.

Japanese Tattoo Tradition – Kanji Tattoos

Today Kanji is commonly considered to be a part of the Japanese written language. These elegant but extremely expressive symbols are getting more and more popularity among tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

Tattoo Me Now – Tattoo Ideas

It can be hard to come up with tattoo ideas. You can search for a long time without finding anything that is just right. You might set out to design something for yourself, because you want it to be unique. That is a great idea if you know what you are doing

Celtic Tattoos – Magic History and Style

The history of Celtic Tattoos is quite singular. As a matter of facts, those symbols that we see so often tattooed on people, come from the Celtic tradition but have not always been used as tattoo designs. Celtic people have not had such a long tattoo tradition like, for instance, Japanese, Chinese or Polynesian tattoos.

Problems With Getting Tattoos

Most of the time that people get tattooed things go off without a hitch. There are however, times when things don’t go quite as smoothly. Of course you can imagine the fallout that would come from people like parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, husband’s, wives, and friends who may not be exactly thrilled when they find out that you got a tattoo.

Five Fabulously Feminine Tattoo Designs

Whilst there are many reasons why women get a tattoo, one of the reasons has to be that they can look very feminine and fabulously sexy! Whether you’re looking for a design for your first tattoo, or are just wanting to add to your collection of body art, here’s our pick of some of the coolest designs for women …

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