Artist Duo Creates Surreal Cubist Tattoos Based On Clients’ Stories

Jade Tomlinson and Kev James, the artistic duo behind Expanded Eye, create beautiful cubist tattoos that give this once-revolutionary art movement a new modern following. Their style is especially appropriate given how much modern tattoo enthusiasts like line and geometric tattoos. Based in London, the pair approaches each tattoo as a piece of art, firmly establishing a narrative and purpose behind each design before making a commitment.

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Tattoos on the Rib Cage For Women – Go Sexy and Feminine With Your Rib Tattoo Designs

Rib tattoos are becoming the new sexy and hot trend as more and more tat enthusiasts are opting for this type of theme for their body ink. According to several tattoo artists, there are more women going for tattoos on their rib cage than men. It seems as if the female population has a higher threshold to pain when it comes to tattooing.

The Art of Tattooing – What You Need to Know About Tattoo Guns!

The equipment that is used to create a tattoo are called tattoo guns. They can also be called tattoo machines. This equipment is being used to create beautiful designs on the body.

Maintaining Tattoos Color – 5 Tips to Make Your Tattoo Look at Its Best Always!

It is not easy to get a tattoo; there are lots of considerations to make and preparations to do to be able to go through the process. You need to be ready psychologically and physically to be able to cope with the pain that hoes along with it. Aside from that you also need to care for your tattoos properly once it is done. There is a lot of maintenance that you have to make so that the colors will not fade in time.

Are You Scared of Getting Committed to Tattoos?

In the recent times, temporary tattoo designs are gaining more familiarity. In the past, a few sources like the local store or the dispensing machine alone had a stock of the temporary tattoo designs, but now the situation has reverted. You can get temporary tattoo designs from almost everywhere and whenever wanted.

5 Things to Prepare on the Day of Your Tattoo Appointment!

When you finally decided that you are going to put a tattoo on your skin then you need to be ready emotionally, physically and mentally. There are five key factors to consider when the day of your appointment to your tattoo artist finally arrives.

Recommended Aftercare Tips For Your New Tattoo

After making your final decision about your tattoo, you will visit a recommended tattoo expert. He may show you a lot many designs to be picked from. In case you are not satisfied with any he shows, you can simply discuss with him and customize one as you prefer.

Fundamentals of Tattooing You Must Be Familiar With!

Tattoos have become the means of expressing a personal trait or a personal opinion in various countries and cultures in the world. They stay with you for your entire life, once you get it. They are colorful designs applied in the dermis layers of your skin. People mostly through their tattoos want to exhibit their opinion or importance to a specific subject or cultural significance or a personal statement.

Ritualistic Tattoo, Are They For You?

You don’t have to be initiated in any religion to get a magic tattoo, but you should know a bit about the basics of the religion, especially to be able to perform the magic sigil creation ritual. Remember this is not a game, so if you don’t believe in what you are doing or you are doing it because can sounds cool to tell some friends that you got a tattoo made during a ritual, you should stop reading this article here as it makes no sense in going through all the ritual work for it.

Tattoos and History (A Love Story)

We are living in times where tattoos and body modification are more associated with fashion than related to the original idea of getting your body permanently marked for magic, spiritual or personal reasons. Actually many believe that the first tattoos were created by accident. The most viable theory that I read was that some tribes used to treat open wounds by rubbing or patching them with some kind of herb or flower elixir, which probably produced some kind of ink.

Common Mistakes That You Must Avoid in Kanji Style Tattoos

Though each country has its own tattoo designs that closely resembles its culture, tradition and artistic works, people in the West seem to be more interested in Asian designed tattoos. Japanese and Chinese letters, dragons, etc form the major part of such interests. Asian style tattoos seem to get more and more attention and there has been no stop to it. Kanji, a form of Japanese writing, has long been used in the West, nearly from the 1980s. Its popularity has grown to such an extent, that kids are able to get a temporary Kanji tattoo from a vending machine.

What You Must Know About Inner Wrist Tattoo Designs

Tattoos can serve as simple as a fashion statement or as unique as a significant expression. If you want to show your uniqueness in a crowd, but have a difficulty in deciding the place to begin, it is good not to take hasty decisions.

Do You Know Why Chinese Letter Tattoos Are So Popular?

Tattoos have become the new hottest trends not only among the fashion world but also the entire world. Tattoos have been used since long and everyone, especially the teens, love to have at least a tattoo in any of their body part. Right from the ancient times, the stance of tattoo designing has been constantly changing.

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