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Cool and Fun Temporary Lip Tattoo stickers to try! Beauty junkies and fabulous, tattooed ladies – y’all gotta see this!
If you’re as bold as your tattoos, you might wanna try these cool and fun temporary lip stickers and make a statement – without even saying a word! Check them out and share your thoughts and favorites!

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Think Before You Ink

Today is the age of tattoos. It seems that everyone has a tattoo, or is planning on getting one soon. You may be trying to decide if you should get a tattoo yourself. This article is going to provide you with a few thoughts to keep in mind if you think you should get a tattoo, and some things you should think about before you accept the needle!

Ready For The New BIG 3?

Last month, Ford dropped to No.4 spot in US auto sales. In addition, its domestic brands were outsold by Chrysler brands. This is the reason why critics are predicting a new auto Big 3 in a short span.

Design Your Own Tattoos Online

It now seems, the only way to get a really good tattoo that you will always love is to design your own tattoo online. Unlike in the nineties, tattoos are now very popular these days and it seems more people are now into getting at least one tattoo on their bodies.

How Do I Find My Dream Tattoo?

If you have no personal artistic talents picking out the perfect tattoo can be an incredibly difficult process. This design is going to be on your body for the rest of your life, so you need to be 100% sure it’s what you really want. Using tattoo and tattoo design pictures can be a huge help in determining what the perfect tattoo is for you.

Tattoos-Popular Tattoo Designs for Girls

More and more girls are getting tattooed. In some tattoo studios up to 60% of the clientèle are females. Not only that but they are no longer satisfied with a cliched tattoo of a dolphin on their ankles or a tiny rose the size of a fingernail of their back. These chicks are doing it for themselves and going big-

Tired Of Your Tattoo-How About Tattoo Laser Removal?

If you are looking to get your tattoo removed you might want to check the different prices on laser tattoo removal and the cost of doing it naturally. Not all methods of removing a tattoo will work, as always it will depend on the type of tattoo you have.

The Miraculous Tattoo

The Miraculous Tattoo – take all the negatives of the traditional tattoo… eliminate them … its here now!

Designs of Tattoos

There are many different types of tattoos which a person can choose from, but a lot of people like to come up with their own designs. That way the tattoo is completely personal to them. So, just what makes people want to have a tattoo then? Well, tattoos can help to give people confidence and some of the designs can look quite eye catching too. It can help to show a person’s personality by the type of tattoo that they have.

Tattooed Fish; Cruelty to Animals?

Perhaps you have noticed the new Tattooed Fish for sale, which make a great attraction for an aquarium, unfortunately Fish-Animal Activists say that this is cruel and unusual as they eat their steak from a branded cow during the Super Bowl BBQ weekend. Is tattooing fish really cruelty to animals or cruelty to sea life or fish rather? Well, so far some animal activists are staging a boycott of Pet Stores who sell tattooed fish.

Need A Tattoo Idea or Design?

For one reason it seems that most guys and gals prefer and like creepy tattoo designs and ideas.

How To Be A Tattoo Artist

I have some great news for all the aspiring tattoo artist out there this is for you. Do you have many questions when it comes to learning how to give tattoos? Do you struggle with know how? Do you know what is needed to be a good tattoo artist? If this is you read on…

You Want a Celebrity Tattoo Design?

Tattoos can be worn by anyone and in any part of the world! It does not matter if you’re rich or poor. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have the hottest tattoo. A tattoo can be an expression of yourself to the world and your friends. At the end of this article you will find a website that offers a huge tattoo directory. This tattoo directory gives you thousands of choices for the ultimate tattoo! Is a celebrity tattoo design right for you?

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