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Ink Masters Ryan Ashley Malarkey, DJ Tambe and Cleen Rock One take over the judges’ seats in a new competition that pits bitter rivals against each other.

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Small But Terrible

The scorpion tattoo design is madness. For some weird reason, people are visiting more and more tattoo stores inquiring on the available scorpion designs. Some are even going the extra mile in requesting for a personalized scorpion design.

Pot of Gold, Anyone?

Known for the legend that a he safe keeps the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow, the leprechaun has been a symbol to many things. Some would think that a leprechaun could symbolize wealth, some would even compare a leprechaun to that of a monster that is feared by everybody.

Double Power

What about having those powerful twins wrapped around your biceps, engraved at your chest or swirled all around on your back? Wouldn’t it be pleasurable? At the same time would not everyone who would see it be cast in a mystifying spell that one may cast on anyone whose eyes would be locked on the marvel and splendor of what he is seeing?

Would a Scorpion Bite?

Fierce, dangerous and fatal. These are the three words that could greatly describe this eight-legged creature that even man fears. A trip once in the city jail gave me another perspective on tattoos. I got a chance to talk to the tattoo guy inside. He is the one responsible in giving each and every inmate a birthmark.

Ancestry Or Aesthetics?

Since it was the native Americans who are the first few people who are fascinated and in turn painted their bodies with different symbols that represent their personality, young people can’t help but have one too. If grandma had one, why can’t I?

Think RAWR!

Don’t you dare mess with me! This is the straightforward message that a tribal tiger tattoo would usually send it’s spectators. Whether he or she was merely a passerby who had a chance to glance on your tattoo or a stalker that has already memorized every stroke and color of your tattoo, this tribal tiger tattoo is sure to leave an impression.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Foot Tattoos!

One of the most recent popular tattoo designs is the star. Of course, everyone wants a unique tattoo and as such these stars come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Where do most people get their stars tattooed? It’s a toss between somewhere on their shoulders and their hands. But for people who like their tattoos a little bit more discreet, they usually get a star foot tattoo.

Tattoo Removal Methods

You know it’s funny, 6 months ago a bunch of my friends decided to get tattoos all within the space of a few weeks. They didn’t get the same ones, Mark got his date of birth around the calf, Daniel got his girlfriends name on his arm and Simon got some Chinese symbols, haven’t a clue what they mean but they look quite cool.

What is a Tattoo?

A tattoo is a puncture wound, made deep in your skin, that’s filled with ink. It’s made by penetrating your skin with a needle and injecting ink into the area, usually creating some sort of design. For more information read this article.

Get a Tattoo With Significant Meaning

Tattoos are pretty much a permanent fixture to your body. When you choose one you should get a tattoo with significant meaning. Traditional tattoo images such as dragons, hearts and skulls have endured the test of time, as have popular animal tattoos like snakes and panthers. Here are a few good ideas for you to ponder when selecting your next tattoo.

Tattoo Removal – Having it Safely Done

Body art has been used by various cultures for thousands of years. Sometimes the body art was for ritualistic purposes, but usually it was a indication of some important aspect of the person’s identity. Even today, people choose to have body art done because it is in honor of someone or something that has a significant affect on their life.

Dragon Tattoo Design Tips

If you’re the person who frequently watches shows like Miami Ink then you definitely know that the dragon tattoo designs are perhaps the most requested pattern in the culture of tattooing. The reason behind this is really not a surprise. See, the dragon is arguably the most illustrious and magnificent creature in the world. It is often associated with power and might. Even in those stories where dragons are depicted as vicious beasts, their supremacy still stands out.

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