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Meet the cast of Season 12. Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes premieres Tuesday, June 11th at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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The Lotus Flower Tattoo – Is This The Right Flower For You?

The lotus flower is a popular flower choice amongst tattoo enthusiasts. The reasons vary greatly for this, from the ability to size it, change the colouration, the ease of places you can put it on your body and the fact it works for both sexes. It has held many meanings for its bearers and has deep roots in many cultures as to the meaning as well.

The Celtic Cross Tattoo – Is It The Cross For You?

Celtic cross tattoos like any other Celtic design such as the knot, have gained in popularity over the years. Those sporting these crosses wear them for a wide variety of reasons, from religion to aesthetic pleasure. They are a really nice cross to look at no matter the reason you brand yourself with one. Its origins are deep rooted in many religions dependent on the particular cross style that you choose.

Find Your First Tattoo

Here’s how to find your first tattoo and not have any regrets. 3 solid avenues which can land you the best first tattoo possible.

Lower Back Tattoos – Tattoos For The Sensual You

A womans body is a temple of sensuality and life. From the women’s womb, all life begins. Dependant on the culture, there are many places that can be considered erotic and tranquilizing. Most of these places involve curves and the natural beauty of a woman’s body. Some consider the nape of the neck, while others the curve of the lower back.

Japanese Tattoos

Unlike the Chinese people, the Japanese people are currently very big on tattoos, but that was not always the case. In fact, for a brief time near the end of WW II, getting or giving a tattoo in Japan was actually illegal. The end of the war brought an end to that crime as well.

Tattoo Placement – The Right Place For Your Tattoo

Part of the time spent deciding on your tattoo design should also be spent on deciding the placement of your tattoo. Depending on where you place it, the very same design can hold very different meanings, some places will exhibit innocence well others portray sexuality or sensuality. Where you place it is of course, ultimately up to you.

Tattoo Ink Removal And Ink Removing Creams – Do Your Research

So you got a tattoo and now you have decide it wasn’t for you; but how other then laser surgery can you get tattoo ink removed. Recently the market has arisen for tattoo ink removal creams.

Tattoo Care – Peeling Is Normal In New Tattoos

When you get your first tattoo you may not know much about tattoo care. Peeling is a part of the healthy healing process of your tattoo. It is normal for your tattoo to peel slightly after it is first completed. A typical tattoo will start to peel around 1 week after you had the ink applied. Of course this will vary according to how your body heals, whether you heal fast or slow but it is a general guideline.

McKinney Tattoo Removal – What to Look For in a Tattoo Removal Clinic

If you are looking for information on tattoo removal options, and possibly a tattoo removal clinic in McKinney, Texas, you probably have a number of questions. Among these questions may be uncertainty around how laser tattoo removal really works, what sort of results and side effects are likely, and what qualifications a clinic must have to perform tattoo removal. Here is some insight that might help you make a well-informed decision: Laser tattoo removal is the only effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo.

Top Ten Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

Most people who are thinking about removing an unwanted tattoo have a number of questions about the process. They may have had a friend who successfully removed a tattoo and they want to know how it would work in their own unique case. Or, they may have thought about tattoo removal many years ago and they want to learn what technology is being used now by tattoo removal clinics to make it easier and less expensive.

Zodiac Tattoo Design – Pin Pointing The Great Artwork

Finding the perfect Zodiac tattoo design for you can be such a challenging task. There is so much artwork out there, yet most people can’t seem to find much that they are happy with. Why is that? There are quite a few reasons, but the main one will surprise you. I will go into that aspect, along with how to locate the quality art on the web.

Kanji Tattoo Design – The Secret To Finding Great Designs For This Style

I see that you are one of the select few who are looking for a great Kanji tattoo design online. It is a pretty small niche, but is ultimately a great choice, because this is one amazing looking style if done right. You may have noticed that finding the quality artwork online can be quite a pain, though. Before you end up settling on something you might regret, here is what you need to know.

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