Beautiful watercolor tattoo style by Sasha Unisex

Sasha Unisex is known around the world for her beautiful watercolor style. Her biggest inspiration, she says: “That is definitely nature and animals, they are an endless source of inspiration”. Check out her beautiful watercolor tattoos in our new video.

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Tribal Panther Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

Are you ready to get a tribal panther tattoo? It’s a great acquisition to get. And I can tell you this much, you definitely don’t want to just get the first design you see. The best option you can do is search a little and collect a good amount of info when getting a tattoo like this.

Having Fun With Temporary Tattoos

A lot of us don’t want to take the step of getting a permanent tattoo, and even if we do, we really want to try before we buy, which isn’t possible when you get a permanent tattoo. So for that reason, temporary tattoos are a great way to partake in the tattoo craze without having to commit your skin to a permanent image, or try it to see how it looks if you eventually want to get inked permanently.

Locating a Good Male Tattoo – How to Pull Up Tons of Awesome Art

It all starts with the kind of galleries you’re pulling up when looking for a male tattoo. 90% of men pull up generic laced galleries and the other 10% actually get to the ones that have awesome art. There’s an enormous chance that you are in the percentage that is getting dragged to horrible artwork sites, so let me share a few fast tips, which will totally change the quality of the male tattoo designs you get to pick from.

Kanji Tattoos – Locating Galleries and Websites Packed With Great Art

Since you weren’t born yesterday, you know how many bad, generic Kanji tattoos the web has to offer. The worse part is that most people can’t find anything else besides this cookie cutter stuff. It’s getting out of hand, yet one quick little change to how you “look” for tattoo art can make a huge difference in the quality of artwork you see. Here’s how to uncover tons of original, well drawn Kanji tattoos.

Star Foot Tattoos – Locating Sites That Are Putting Up the Best Art

Unless you were born yesterday, you’ve seen tons of bad, generic star foot tattoos. That’s not what you want, right? Then what does it take for the average person to finally locate the galleries that put up fresh, original art? I will tell you the quick way to do it, assuring that you see as many great star foot tattoos as you want.

Upper Back Tattoos – Find the Big Collections of Quality Art

You have your eyes set on specific kinds of upper back tattoos, but are you seeing good artwork? Most people shake their head in disappointment, because they aren’t seeing any fresh, high quality designs. Instead, they are getting thrown into a cage, filled with awful, generic art. Stopping this is easy, and I’ll show you how to get straight to the big collections of better upper back tattoos.

Finding a Perfect Tattoo For Women Can Be Pretty Tough

When you start out to find a tattoo for women, how are you finding the galleries you are getting to? It might sound silly to ask, but it’s a very important question, as 90% of you are surely doing it the wrong way, which leads you to such awful galleries. These places put up tons of generic, cookie cutter art, while taking no pride in putting up better, higher quality designs.

A Female Tattoo Gallery – Locating Ones With Tons of Good, Well Drawn Art

Most people hop from one female tattoo gallery after another, seeing the same bad, generic artwork. If this sounds like what you’re going through, don’t worry, because it happens to the best of them. It’s all about how you are “searching” for these galleries, and a quick little change will instantly bring you to places that have tons of better, higher quality designs.

Awesome Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos for Girls should not be considered as a taboo so to speak. Let’s delve into the subject of proper designs. What you might consider to be appropriate for you and your skin. Here we will be looking at special Tattoos for girls only. Girls and or women will want a tattoo that probably has some type of feminine quality to it. There are many popular styles and designs for woman to consider. Most likely a woman isn’t going to want a tattoo of skulls and crossbones.

Megan Fox’s Mom Hates Her Tattoos

If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years you probably have no idea that they mega hot Transformer star, Megan Fox has nine tattoos on her very sexy body. She has been criticized ever since she became popular and people still talk about her tattoo collection today. Most have bad things to say regarding her tattoo designs, the quality of them, why someone so pretty would ruin their body etc.

Dragonfly Tattoos Are Beautifully Offbeat

Dragonfly tattoos have a quite mystical quality to them. A fairy tale quality that may be quite beautiful, but in a more distinct way than a fairy or butterfly image. Dragonfly tattoo designs can often be given a stark tribal look, for example, that’s quite masculine.

Vine Tattoos Can Be Very Decorative

Vine tattoos are very popular with women because of their rather feminine and beautiful nature. Vines come in many shapes, colours and sizes which is why you’ll see a great variety of these tattoos. Vine tattoos may be either basic, or elaborate.

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