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We’re celebrating the holiday season with some of the best Christmas themed tattoos in Ink Master history! Which is your favorite?

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Printable Tattoos – Where to Find Printable Tattoos

Where can you find printable tattoos? Learn the most common places to find printable tattoos and which places are the absolute best.

Why Religious Tattoos Are Common

The relationship between religion and tattoos range back since ancient times. This is because tattoos are primarily done by shamans and priests during olden times as means of expressing power and immortality. One of the earliest examples of such use of tattoos is evidenced by the discovery of the mummified tattooed corpse of the priestess Amunet in Egypt. Other significance of religious tattoos in the past includes godly protection, invocation of success and fertility. All of these reasons point to only one that is to harness the blessings and graces and establish a spiritual connection with the gods.

Star Tattoo Pictures – Finding the Good, Quality Artwork of Stars

You hop on the internet, get comfortable and try to find good, fresh star tattoo pictures. The next thing you know, three hours have gone by and you have not even found “one” gallery that has decent, non-generic ones. This is what the average surfer goes through when trying to find quality tattoos online. I want to help you easily change this around, so that you can find all the good star tattoo pictures you want.

Printable Tattoo Designs – Where Has All the Quality Artwork Gone?

This is going to be a short and simple tutorial dealing with printable tattoo designs. Actually, there are only two steps you need to follow in order to locate quality artwork and both of them are as easy as they come.

Moon and Star Tattoos – Finding Galleries That Have Fresh Moons and Stars

There are way to many generic moon and star tattoos on the web and none of them have any sort of originality. I am not saying that the internet does not have a whole lot of fresh, quality artwork, but most people are not finding it. Well, I am going to help you do exactly that. The great moon and star tattoos can easily be found and here’s how to accomplish that goal.

Searching For the Quality Flower Hawaiian Tattoo Design of Your Dreams

Finding a good, original, quality flower Hawaiian tattoo design is not as easy as it used to be. All people see now are the same old generic junk that has been floating around aimlessly for well over nine years. You are going to need to incorporate a new searching method in order to get to the places that have the superb artwork for your flower Hawaiian tattoo design and I have just the answer.

Searching Around For Good Pics of Tattoos – Finding Top Notch Tattoo Galleries

You can look all over the internet for good pics of tattoos an you will probably “still” not find very many of them. Why do I say this? I say this because of how the majority of males and females go about looking for them to begin with. It needs to change dramatically if people are going to locate the tattoo galleries that have fresh, quality artwork to choose from. This what what you need to know when looking for good pics of tattoos online these days.

The Real Facts About Finding a Tattoo For a Woman Online

Trying to find a good tattoo for a woman has become harder than attempting to catch a fish with a piece of yarn. You try and you try to find galleries that have fresh, quality artwork, but you can’t seem to find them. I know exactly why this is happening and I know a very simple way to correct it. If you really want to find a great tattoo for a woman, you will need some of the following information.

Asian Dragon Tattoos – Do You Want One?

Asian dragon tattoos are not new in the world of body art. Even if some die hard tattoo fans brand Japanese tattoos or other Asian tattoos as tired and overly used designs, the meaning of this specific design is so rich, that people still want to have a dragon inked on their skin.

The Return of the Pinup Tattoo

Long legs, high heels, bathing suit, and sun-shiny smile make up a beautiful pinup lady. This image of wholesome sexiness became popular among sailors during the World War II. Photographs of pinup girls were a favorite of the sailors and became part of pop culture during that time. Pinup tattoo came into vogue and sailors had them on their skin as souvenirs or just as an expression of having fun in the middle of the war.

Know the Risks and Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal

When you get body art, it is a very interesting and creative means of self-expression. Once a taboo practice, now it is something that has become refreshingly mainstream. In fact, you might actually know someone who, while he or she might not have the kind of personality that indicates they would get body art, actually does.

Betty Broadbent – The Tattooed Venus

“I decided to get tattooed. I wanted to be independent and to take care of myself.” Betty Broadbent, born 1909, was the most famous tattooed attraction of all time.

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