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In honor of DJ Tambe’s new role as a Grudge Match judge, we’re taking a look back at some of his best Ink Master moments. The new series premieres Tuesday, October 1st on Paramount Network!

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Rose Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Getting a rose tattoo is cool. Aside from the fact that roses are among the most exquisite, beautiful, interesting and popular tattoo designs, it would be thrilling to know that rose tattoos are rich in symbolisms. Learn more about Rose Tattoos and their meaning!

UV Reactive Tattoo Ink – Is it Safe?

UV Tattoo Ink Many people ask whether UV reactive tattoo ink is safe for use in tattooing. Or they ask if it is FDA approved. Some tattoo artists think that black light tattoo ink is not legal in some states or countries because it may lack an FDA approval.

Tattoo Designs As Self Expression

A well considered choice of design will lead to a satisfying form of self expression. You can express your passions or you can underline some part of your personality. You can simply feel better about yourself.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Where is the Quality Artwork?

Looking for great wrist tattoos for girls should be a fun experience. There are many times when females just can’t seem to find the truly great tattoo artwork that they are after, though. While there is a ton of superb art on the web, most women don’t find it, simply because they are relying too much on the search engines to locate the galleries that might have them. To find good wrist tattoos for girls online, you might need the following tips.

First-timers Love Armband Tattoo Designs

Sometimes deciding where on the body to get a tattoo is the most difficult part of the decision-making process. Of course, many people choose traditional locations like the shoulder, the upper arm, or somewhere on the main torso. But now many people are starting to look towards other areas to display their tattoos, and so, a plethora of armband tattoo designs have entered the mainstream.

Express the Darkside With Gothic Tattoo Designs

Gothic tattoo designs identify the wearer as a member of the gothic subculture. There are many different associations and stereotypes about gothic tattoos, but they are trendy (especially among those involved in the subculture) and beautiful.

Guy Tattoos – Tips to Find the Great Artwork

Finding the great guy tattoos on the web should be a fun thing to do. More often than not, it is a long, drawn out process that can take quite a while. Some men even go to the extreme of settling on a half way decent design, because they just can’t seem to pin point anything better. Well, here are tips to help you get some great guy tattoos online without having to settle for less.

Religious Tattoos – Finding the Good Artwork

Religious tattoos are something you should spend some quality time choosing. There is no need to rush into a decision and settle on one of the very first designs that you think is decent. With that said, many men and women keep running into the tons of generic artwork that is clogging the web. Well, here are simple tips to help you find the truly superb religious tattoos out there.

Insight on Foot Tattoo Designs and Its Risks

You are very unique if you have a foot tattoo. Through the years, the tattoo in that part of the body is rarely found among people who decide to wear tattoos. These days, try going to a tattoo shop and notice that when you say you want a foot tattoo, the tattoo artist would surely flash a wrinkled forehead and ask you abruptly why you decide to have your skin art piece in that sensitive and hidden part of the body. It is very rare that a person would aim to have any of his foot tattooed. There are several valid reasons.

Tips For Tattoo Artists and Galleries

Is it a standard practice to give a tip to a tattoo artist for a work well done? Learn about the what is acceptable!

What Does Your Dragon Tattoo Design Actually Mean?

The dragon can be found in the mythology of hundreds of cultures and featured on ancient drawings and carvings from every corner of the globe. Because of the diversity of each culture’s beliefs, there’s lots of meanings behind this beautiful tattoo design.

Girl Tattoo Designs and Advice

It is not an easy job for a girl or a woman to choose a tattoo that best suits their style and personality. Men have the fastest decision-making process when it comes to tattoos. However, for women, it is for sure that it would take them weeks or even months to think over, browse repeatedly and finally choose the perfect one for their body.

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