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Top Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Are you considering getting a tattoo and you want to know the different tattoo designs and ideas that are out there? Do you know what you want, but you just cannot find the right picture to show your tattoo artist? There are many different designs and everybody has their idea of what is perfect for them. Here are some tips to help you in choosing your design and getting a tattoo that you will truly love.

Temporary Butterfly Tattoos For Those Afraid of the Needle!

Everyone knows that the butterfly is by far the most popular tattoo design. But on the other hand not everyone has the strength of getting a real butterfly tattoo. Well, no need to worry guys and girls, for simple butterfly tattoos can solve your ordeal. You have two options on how to get temporary butterfly tattoos; one is to get a henna butterfly tattoo and; two is to buy stick-on butterfly tattoos.

When is it Safe to Shave Again?

If you have got a new tattoo, especially if you are a woman, the question is going to come up as to when it is safe to shave again. Of course, guys might need to know, too, depending on where they got the tattoo and where they usually shave.

Your New Tattoo

It comes up at parties all the time, and dinner with friends, you know the line, “If I was going to get a tattoo, I’d get…” Most people have a thought along those lines, but not everyone commits the idea to actual ink. Now that you’ve decided to finally get that tat instead of just talking about it, you need to know there’s a lot to consider.

Choosing a Skilled Tattoo Artist

You have committed to a permanent change, and if it is done by the wrong person you will regret it for the rest of your life. There are tattooists out there who will ruin your otherwise well informed decision, and spoil a great, well chosen design. Here are my five tips to help you choose a skilled tattoo artist.

Finding the Perfect Location For Your Tattoo

Where you decide to position your tattoo on your body is almost as important as what kind of design you choose. In fact, the two aspects are so closely related, equal attention must be paid to both. The style and size of design you choose may play a major factor in where it will work best.

Tattoo Care – Simple Step to Maintain a Sharp and Vibrant Tattoo

The process of tattooing is basically breaking the surface of our skin and laying an ink pigment underneath. As part of the healing process, our skin will regenerate hence trapping the ink and creating a marking on the dermis. However, a tattoo design will not last forever. After some time, the outer edge of the design will get less sharp and the color will fade. How can we prevent this from happening? This article will share a good tip on tattoo care to preserve the tattoo design after you’ve inked.

Tips to Design Your Own Tattoo

You don’t have to be a tattoo artist to design your own tattoo. Even if you are a novice, you can still design your own unique tattoo by following the guidelines.

The Ancient History of Tattooing

In modern times, tattoos have often been associated with rebels, sailors and servicemen, but now it’s becoming much more mainstream. You’re just as likely to see a tattooed housewife. How long have people been getting inked, and where did it all start?

Dragonfly Tattoo and Their Magic

The stories of the Dragonfly and magic have existed for years. They are only stories but are they only stories, you be the judge.

Star Tattoo Pictures – Finding the Quality Designs of Stars on the Web

Some people will have no sort of problem finding good star tattoo pictures. Most people, though, will find it to be a real struggle. Why is this happening? Because a huge percentage of the public uses one particular way to find the websites that have tattoos, which is letting us down. I will explain this further and also give you a sure fire way to get ah old of all the good star tattoo pictures you need.

Moon and Star Tattoos – Galleries That Have Great Moons and Stars

How long have you been scouring the internet for moon and star tattoos that you might want? Most people will say “long enough”, yet most of these people aren’t finding any of the quality artwork they thought they would be able to find. Where has all of the superb tattoo artwork gone? Actually, most of it is still right there in front of you, but the ways most people search for them is leading them in the wrong direction. Here are two simple tips for finding the fresh moon and star tattoos you need.

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