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We’re just five weeks away from the premiere of our all-new series #GrudgeMatch! In honor of Ryan Ashley Malarkey’s new role as a judge on the show, we’re celebrating some of her best Ink Master moments. Grudge Match premieres Tuesday, October 1st at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Things to Remember When Looking For Back of Neck Tattoos

There are many things to remember when looking for back of neck tattoos online. I am sure you know most of them, but I want to go over a few basic struggles that most people are having these days. Some of them are leading men and women to pick generic designs that they don’t even 100% like, which should never be done when choosing a back of neck tattoos, or any tattoo in general.

Finding a Good Gallery of Tattoos – 3 Tips to Take to Heart

There are millions of men and women looking for a good gallery of tattoos online. Most of these people (and I was included years ago) will settle for websites that have a ton of generic artwork and nothing more. These following tips are just basic, but forgotten tips to remember when looking for a superb gallery of tattoos these days.

Printable Tattoo Designs – 3 Tips to Remember

There are many guys and girls looking for printable tattoo designs online. Some of them will get exactly what they are after and some will settle for something far less. Too many people end up settling on tattoos that they don’t fully like, so I want to share a couple of tips with you. After all, finding printable tattoo designs should be fun, not a hassle.

Tattoo of Tiger

When we think of a creature powerful and ferocious that is lurking in the forests, we think immediately in tiger which is one of the most ferocious predators and faster they can roam the woods. Apart from that, we can surprise us with the capabilities of tiger especially with its nature sensual. May be have ways where we could express our true appreciation of…

Foot Tattoos and How to Find Foot Tattoo Designs

Foot tattoos are not easy to maintain or to find. You have to be really careful with these.

Get Your Wedding Tattoo Ring Removed Easily and Quickly Without Much Pain

Removing your wedding tattoo ring is not easy and usually is very painful if you are not sure which process to go through. Read more to find about a process which makes it easy for you.

All About the Seahorse Tattoo Designs

There is nothing quite like a tattoo, and a seahorse tattoo design is especially interesting. Aquatic themes in tattoo designs are extremely popular.

How to Find and Choose the Best Tattoo Designs in the Quickest Time Possible

If you are having a hard time looking for new tattoo designs online and you are very passionate about tattoo pictures, then you need to read my story. This is what kept frustrating me and that’s when I tried something else. Read on to find what it is.

Choosing a Tattoo Design Getting Rock Star Ink a Rock Music Lifestyle

Find yourself dreaming about getting a new tattoo? Lots of rockers are getting inked these days. From begining rockers to mature rock stars, tattoos are popping up everywhere. In most cities, it’s easy to find a tattoo parlor and there are thousands of designs to choose from. Deciding what type of tattoo a “Rock Star” should put their body is probably the hardest part.

Moon and Star Tattoos – Finding the Great Artwork

Moon and star tattoos are everywhere if you take a second to look online. The only thing is that most of them are generic, low end designs that have been posted on hundreds of websites for the last nine years. Is there any fresh, quality artwork on the web? There sure is, but most people don’t find the good moon and star tattoos because of one reason.

3 Tips to Consider When Looking For Online Tattoo Flash

Many people are looking for online tattoo flash. Heck, the web is filled with it and you can probably spend months and not locate half of it. The following 3 tips will help you on your journey to pin point the exact online tattoo flash for your tastes.

Tattoos of Dolphin – Where Are the Great Designs?

Finding tattoos of dolphin is not a terribly difficult thing to do. What is hard is locating the “quality” designs out there. Most people will end up seeing a huge sea of generic, low end artwork and might even settle on one of these bland designs, because they can’t find anything better. It doesn’t have to work out this way for you, though. Here are some good tips on locating the quality tattoos of dolphin on the net.

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