Best Skull Tattoos You Have To See Before You Die

For some, skull tattoos sound cool, while for others they are morbid since skulls are very often connected to death. However, the fun part about skull tattoos is that you can get very creative. You can add various symbols, and even colors to make your tattoo unique and distinctive. Skull tattoos do not necessarily need to be connected with bad, but can also sometimes be connected with good. Some people get skull tattoos to signify certain good things in your life. If you were thinking about getting a skull tattoo, then you must take a look at these best skull tattoo ideas. You are very likely to find a tattoo you would like to have inked!

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The Rich History of Tattoos

Ever since ancient times, tattoos have been prevalent in cultures around the world. Today, tattoos continue to grow in popularity and are considered a visual art form.

Rose Tattoos – What Color Should They Be?

What do the different colors of a rose mean? When using the rose image as a tattoo design we should consider the color and its meaning. There are unique meanings to each and every color.

Star Tattoos – 3 Star Shapes and What They Mean

The star is a very popular tattoo design. Which star should you consider? What are the meanings behind the different stars? In what position should they be placed. These are the topics this article will discuss.

Make Your Own Tattoo – 3 Ways to Create a Unique Design

Having a tattoo done, or choosing a tattoo is a very personal thing. Everyone likes to be different, and getting a tattoo design that is unique to you used to be a difficult process. Thankfully we live in the age of the internet and ways to make your own tattoo have become fairly simple.

Tattoo Design For Guys – Great Tattoo Drawings That Guys Absolutely Love

Like girls, guys also have the flare for colors and beauty. You would be surprise that they are also quite meticulous in choosing their own tattoo designs and they seek inspirations from various sources. Here are some of the most common drawings that they love.

Tattoo Designs That Never Go Out of Style!

One great place for a female tattoo is on the back. Tattoo on this area gives emphasis on the natural curves of the body that is why they are considered cool and sexy. A tattoo on these areas never goes out of fashion and will look best with low rise jeans and tank tops.

Heart Tattoos – A Classic Design For Both Male and Female

Tattoos are considered as expressions of feelings and emotions, thus one of the most famous designs that have been around for generations is the heart tattoo. There are various heart illustrations that dominated the tattoo world since time immemorial. These designs are both appealing to the male and female tattoo lovers.

How Expensive Can Tattoo Removal Be?

Tattoos now are some kind of developing trend that men and women follow, even those as young as 15 years old. Most of these young people will tend to outgrow their tattoo, especially those who get their tattoos without even thinking real hard.

Gothic Cross Tattoos – An Interesting Tattoo Design Choice Associated With Death

Gothic cross tattoos are very popular and are ordinarily encompassed in a bunch of ornamentation. This is their manner of observing the so-called beauty of death. Gothic fantasy art tattoos: figures such as the dragon, fairies, and the like are a big part of ‘fantasy tattoos’.

Dove Tattoo Design – Profound Meanings of Dove Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs portray various meanings. An image of a bird, take for instance a dove, would connote different interpretations. It may signify peace, freedom, happiness, and even love. Also, others perceive it to denote aspects on the after-life. It may be about ones purity of soul or a soaring dove depicts the journey in the spirit world.

Tattoo Design – Show Your Love to Your Mom, Get a Mom Tattoo Done!

As you know, tattoos have been there for many years. It’s been said that in Egypt, the pharaohs and queens had donned tattoos. During the middle ages, a Mom Tattoo was very popular among the sailors.

Japanese Body Suit Tattoos – What is it Like to Live in a Full Body Suit?

In the 1700 DC, the noble were allowed to wear fine clothing and adorn themselves, whereas the laborers were restricted from wearing those fine clothes and adorning themselves. So, the middle class choose tattoos as an alternate method of adorning themselves.

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