Best Tattoo Artists in the World – 22 Tattoo Artists You Need to Know

Best Tattoo Artists in the World :
Alex De Pase
Anabi Tattoo
Camilo Tuero Martinez
Chris Nieves
Den Yakovlev
Denis Sivak
Forian Karg
Giuliano Casella
John Anderton
John Maxx
Kyle Cotterman
Lippo Tattoo
Matteo Pasqualin
Mike Devries
Mullner Csaba
Nikko Hurtado
Ozone Ofk Nico Tattoo
Rember Orellana
Rich Pineda
Sebastian Zmyewski
Victor Portugal.

Zodiac Tattoo Designs – Cancer Tattoo Ideas

Born under cancer, you are an emotional and loving person. You are protective towards those you love and those weaker than yourself. This does not mean you are easily taken in, as you are shrewd and cautious – well able to size up another person’s character and true intentions.

The Philosophy of Body Art

Tattoos are considered cool or frowned upon depending on your point of view. A person with a tattoo is considered a maverick.

Egyptian Tattoo Designs

Egypt is one of the first civilizations to classify the elements of art. Egypt is also known for it’s great architectural designs with the pyramids and their monumental tombs. Egyptians practiced the art of tattoo.

Neck Tattoos, Not Sexy?

The popularity of neck tattoos is growing greatly and they are considered by most people to be sexy, this is because the neck is a seductive place upon a person and when decorated in the right way can be very provocative. My girlfriend, who in my eyes is already perfect, recently got a neck tattoo and this just added to perfection and makes this region of her body much more kissable.

Temporary Tattoo Application and Removal Guide

Temporary tattoos are much faster and easier to get on than real tattoos… thank goodness! The speed and ease with which they go on is a big part of their popularity, however many people still find that applying and removing temporary tattoos is actually a learned skill!

This Tattoo Fever Review Provides Helpful Insight

Because of my recent experience, I decided to write a Tattoo Fever review while it was fresh in my head. Tattoos shouldn’t be something you take lightly, because once they’re on the body, they are usually on forever.

Ying Yang Tattoo

The good and the evil are the two opposites of the universe that are on warring sides and the war is never ending as long as the balance between the two is maintained. Ancient Chinese scriptures have a lot of material on this subject and there are many symbols that represent this perfect balance in the world.

The Beauty and Popularity of Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos re among the most popular design subjects for the art, particularly among women. The variations of design and motivations of the wearers are closely linked. Here is a brief discussion of the subject.

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

So you want to get a tattoo? A tattoo is a great thing, but not always easy. It is painful when getting the tattooing procedure done.

Tattoo Removal Options – What to Choose?

In the last decade more and more people went to a tattoo artist to get a tattoo. With the increasing amount of tattooed people there also was an increasing amount of people who want to get rid of his/her tattoo. There can be several reasons for a tattoo removal. You took a tattoo in your teenage years and grew out of it, do not want the tattoo to be visible to have a higher chance at a potential new job, are embarrass with the message of the tattoo (new partner/ gang sign you do not belong to anymore, etc), you simply regret the tattoo. The most simple way for true ink lovers is to place a new tattoo over the old one and be happy with your life.

Getting Rid of the Unsightly Tattoo With Tattoo Removal Cream

If you are looking for ways to get rid of a tattoo, you will find tattoo removal cream interesting. These creams are capable of fading away the ink that you thought was permanent.

Tattoo Aftercare

Getting a tattoo is an adventurous, but not easy thing to do. Among withstanding the pain that is inflicted as they perform the procedure, there are other precautions after. Also, be careful about which tattoo parlors to go to.

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