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Tribal Tattoos – Popularity, History and Meaning

Tribal tattoos have become increasingly popular since bursting onto the modern tattoo scene in the early 1990’s. There’s something about their simple strength and beauty that is compelling, even to people who otherwise may not like tattoos. The gentle curves and strong angles of these black tattoos can be bold strokes across the skin, or intricate and almost lace-like. Some tribal tattoos incorporate human or animal figures. Others are purely symbolic.

The Best Way to Help Your Tattoo Heal

Some people wait until the evening after they’ve gotten their tattoo to read their tattoo aftercare instructions and really pay attention to what they need to do. The truth is, the best time to learn about aftercare is before you get your tattoo.

Cross Tattoos – An Ancient Symbol of Many Cultures

Cross Tattoos are one of the most common tattoos out there. When you consider the thousands of years of tattoo history, a large number of tattoo-wearing societies began to adorn their bodies with tattoos for spiritual significance.

Tattoo Removal, a Multi-Million Dollar Industry

Let’s face it, the tattoo you loved as a teenager may not look so great now that you are entering middle age. You are not alone though.

The History of Tattoos

Believe it or not, tattoos are nothing new. Although, they may have become more commonplace in recent years our generation is definitely not the first to bare tattoos. In fact mummified bodies that date back to around 3000 B.C. have been found with marks on their bones that indicate that they had tattoos.

How to Choose a Tattoo You Will Be Proud of For Life

You want a tattoo but you aren’t sure where you want it? Maybe you are unsure of exactly what design you want. Either way you will be on your way to making a concrete decision for yourself once you’ve read this tattoo article…

Dallas Tattoo Removal – What a Tattoo Removal Consultation is All About

What is a free consultation involve for laser tattoo removal? What should a dallas tattoo removal patient expect from a free consultation? What happens at a consultation for tattoo removal in dallas, texas?

Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Thinking about getting a lotus flower tattoo? These are great tattoos that are very flexible in their design and have a rich and deep symbolism behind them.

Tattoo Design – Individuality and Style Expressed Through Body Art

If you’ve ever seen the program “Inked” you’ll realize that tattoo design has become more popular than ever before. What is the genesis behind this new craze?

Zodiac Tattoo Design – Locate the Good Artwork Out There

A Zodiac tattoo design can be a great choice for anybody, no matter which sign you may be. If you are trying to find quality artwork online, though, you know just how impossible it can be to locate. Believe it or not, lots of people end up settle for generic designs that they aren’t 100% in love with, which no rational person should do. Well, here is what you need to know before choosing something you’ll regret, as well as how to get right to the good art on the internet.

Tattoos and Tattoo Art Go Mainstream As Tattoo Designs And Practices Grow In Quality And Safety

Tattoo art has gone through a transformation over the past several years – in the artistic quality of tattoo designs, the choice of tattoos and tattoo parlors, safety and hygiene procedures, and the perception of tattoos in pop culture and among the public. But now it’s getting more and more difficult to find a tattoo design that would suit your taste and personality and would also stand out as original.

Tattoo Design Gallery – Finding The Good Artwork Online

Finding a tattoo design gallery online might seem like a very easy thing to do at first. The truth is that it can be close to impossible to find the quality artwork on the web, though, as you may have seen first hand. Some people even end up settling for generic designs that they don’t 100% like, which no rational person should ever do. Well, here is what you need to know about so many of the websites out here, as well as how to get right to the good stuff.

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