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From hate tattoos to tramp stamps, there are plenty of tattoos out there needing to be covered up. Given the challenge of covering up one tattoo with another, we’re highlighting some of the best cover-ups in Ink Master history. Which is the best? New episodes every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Star Foot Tattoos – Finding Quality Star Artwork and Designs For Your Feet

You might have to rethink the way you are going about finding star foot tattoos. If you haven’t noticed how generic 96% of the artwork on the internet is, you are sure about to find out soon enough. It’s not that the web lacks great artwork, though. It’s the ways we are looking for it that leads us to so much low end art. Here’s a simple trick to reverse this trend, while getting the quality star foot tattoos you want.

Tattoos of Crosses Limited – Which Type of Cross is Best For You?

There is more to a cross than just its T-shape. Sporting a tattoo of crosses limited design is also knowing what kind of cross is being shown and what it really means.

Do Dragon Tattoos Fly in Your Celtic Heritage?

If you’re looking for a tattoo design that breathes fire, while depicting mystical strength and benevolence, the ancient dragon tattoo is the one for you. Dragons have been capturing the minds and hearts of people for centuries and still are, if the current popularity of dragon tattoos are any indicator of that continuing fascination.

Into Skydiving? Tell the World With a Tattoo

There is never an end to the odd sports that people want to do or combine. In May of 2007, a Swede called “Jonas” decided he wanted to combine two things he loves-tattoos and skydiving-by being tattooed while parachuting at 13,000 feet. He had to keep it simple, of course because it had to be done quickly.

Chinese Tattoos is Hands Down the Best Place For Chinese Character Designs

Chinese characters make wonderful tattoo designs, but if you are not fluent in Chinese, then it can be a tricky task to select the characters that are right for you. Chinese Tattoos is an online service that helps you pick the design you desire with confidence so you can get and be proud of a beautiful Chinese character tattoo, hassle free!

Expressing Yourself With Tattoos

Tattoos have become increasingly popular these days but it has not always been that way. There has usually been a stigma attached with an individual that had a tattoo that was visibly seen by the public. Nowadays that is not always the case. Today, body art is looked at in a more accepting view as the masses continue to adorn themselves with art and jewlelry. Even though it is much safer to modify your body today it is not at all without risk.

Finding Good Tattoos For Girls in a World of Generic Tattoo Artwork

Have all of the good tattoos for girls been mysteriously swept off of the internet? It sure seems like it’s the case, especially when you try to find quality artwork while using the old trusty search engines, which aren’t very reliable any more. It takes a different approach to find great tattoo art nowadays and I’ll show you how to do it, so you can finally get the good tattoos for girls you were originally after.

Finding Good Images of Tattoos For Your Own Tastes

Where do you have to go in this day and age to locate good images of tattoos? It’s almost like there is a secretive society that has taken all of the quality, original artwork off of the internet and stuck us with nothing but an overload of generic, cookie cutter designs. Well, I’m here to tell you that the quality tattoo art is still on the web, but to find the good images of tattoos, you need to change your ways of looking for them.

Tattoo Art Gallery – Pin Pointing the Great Galleries of Tattoos

Why has hunting for a good tattoo art gallery become such a brutal process? It seems like the males and females that own the sites with quality artwork all decided to take all of their websites off of the web and keep us stuck with the galleries that have the same generic crud we’ve been seeing for the last twelve years. The truth is that the websites with quality artwork are still around and available, but the way you are trying to look for them is leading you away from many of them.

Lower Back Tribal Tattoo Designs – Searching For Quality Artwork and Tribals

It has become somewhat of a daily struggle when looking for good lower back tribal tattoo designs. Sure, you can pull up websites that have a bunch of generic, cookie cutter ones, but where has all of the fresh, quality artwork gone? Actually, the good tattoos are still available, but the ways we search for the superb artwork has to change in order to find them. This goes for lower back tribal tattoo designs and all tattoos in general.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – It’s a Great Design, So You Need Great Artwork

Settling one some generic cherry blossom tattoo should not even be an option. The web is filled with superb, original artwork, but most people will never even find it. This is why so many individuals end up “settling” on tattoos that they don’t even 100% like. There is a dead simple way around this. Here’s how to work your way to the quality galleries that will have a great cherry blossom tattoo for you.

Back of Neck Tattoos – Locating Quality Artwork For Your Neck

You have probably taken quite a bit of time trying to locate good back of neck tattoos already. If you are like most folks looking for them, though, you are swimming through an huge ocean of generic designs and can’t seem to work your way to places that feature “quality” one. All the cookie cutter art you want is at your disposal, but finding the great artwork takes a different approach. Here’s how to locate the great back of neck tattoos on the web.

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