BLACKOUT Tattoo Artist Sasha O’Kharin

Aleksandr O’kharin (also known as Sasha) is a Russian tattoo artist from Saint Petersburg. He is working at Blackout tattoo collective. And, well, he has got mad skills… Creating incredible photo-realistic portraits, he masters badass compositions and 3D effects. His tattoos are always epic and stunning… And as an appetizer, you can check these amazing pieces tattooed by Aleksandr O’kharin now!
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Where to Find Unique Tattoo Designs

Have you grown sick and tired of seeing great tattoos on other people and wondering where they found the inspiration for their design? When you decide to get a tattoo, it’s important that you pick a design that will absolutely make you delighted every time you see it, but for most people it’s really difficult to visualize the design they want to commit to.

Back of Neck Tattoos – Where to Locate the Fantastic Neck Tattoo Designs

There a few little tidbits of information you need to know when searching for back of neck tattoos. I will tell you both of them and they will drastically improve the quality of artwork you are able to look at. Sound good? I want to share this info, because over 90% of people who search for tattoo designs end up seeing nothing but generic images and cookie cutter junk, even when it comes to back of neck tattoos.

Why Finding a Good, Quality Picture of Tattoo Designs is Getting Hard

When any person jumps on the web to look for picture of tattoo designs, the chances are that they will run into bundles of generic junk. Gone are the days of pulling up your favorite search engine and being provided with a nice, complete list of sites that have crisp, quality drawn tattoos. There’s an easy way around this dilemma, though, which will bring you right to the sites that have picture of tattoo designs that are high quality.

Locating Quality Images of Tattoos Online is Becoming Difficult

When you try to look for images of tattoos online, you will most likely be surprised by what you run into. Only about 10-15% of you will find even “one” site that truly has good, quality drawn tattoo art. The rest? Well, the end up seeing the same generic junk as everybody else. It’s one websites after another filled with cookie cutter tattoo designs. Here’s what you need to know in order to easily bypass this, while finding all the quality images of tattoos you wish.

Tattoo Back Design – Making Sure You Locate Top Notch Artwork

I remember how darn easy it was to find a crisp, quality drawn tattoo back design about two years ago. Boy, how times have change for the worse, though. In 2009, only about 15% f guys and gals will pull up even “one” site that has any sort of decent artwork for tattoos. The rest just get led to sites that are stacked with generic images and cookie cutter junk. Here’s how to uncover the truly great galleries of tattoos, so you can see what a real tattoo back design looks like.

Top Tattoo Websites – How to Locate Them With Relative Ease Now

Just so you know, only about 15% of guys and gals will even locate “one” of the top tattoo websites. The rest? Well, they end up struggling through sites that have bundles and bundles of generic images and cookie cutter junk.

Why Most People Don’t See Quality Tattoo Drawings

Most of us don’t see quality tattoo drawings because we aren’t being led to the sites that have them. It’s as simple as that. When I talk about being “led”, I mean that the ways you look for tattoos is not getting the job done. I will explain why this tricky situation happens, and I will also show you how to easily bypass it.

Tattoo Art Gallery – Pin Pointing Great Galleries of Tattoos For You

It takes a completely separate sort of approach when you’re attempting to pull up a tattoo art gallery that has quality artwork. Why do I say that? I say it because only about 15% of guys and gals will pull up even “one” website that has even a little bit of crisp, quality drawn artwork for tattoos.

All Time Top 3 Star Tattoo Designs

Looking for some of the best tattoo design ideas ever? Star tattoos are hot and always have been. They are a great design that is very flexible and can be used in a lot of different area on the body. They also have a deep positive connotation.

4 Great Ways to Source For Tattoo Ideas and Images

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to source for tattoo ideas and images what with the rampant availability of ho-hum creations, which even my tattoo artist confirms: “There are too many identical looking designs lying around. A lot of folks don’t even bother doing portfolio hunting so they tend to opt for pre-made designs that are terribly, terribly lame. I’m sick of doing the same old crap. Can’t they come up with something unique for a change?”

Would I Get a Tattoo?

Would I get a tattoo? I had never really thought about this question til my recent holiday in Cancun Mexico. I was staying at a resort that was clearly for a little different crowd than might normally be in our family’s comfort zone, but my husband had found an unbelievable last minute price deal there.

What Are the Best Tattoo Designs?

If you have ever gotten a tattoo in the past, or even if you have simply considered it, there is a good chance you have come across thousands of subpar tattoo designs that you would be embarrassed to have on your body – body art that appears as though a child drew it, rather than a sophisticated picture you can be proud of. But the opposite – finding the best tattoo designs – can be significantly harder.

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