Body-piercing of 4550 surgical needles ► Most Painful World Record Ever

Matthew Menczyk had 4550 surgical needles pierce skin on his arms and up his back – breaking the previous record by an impressive 650. Matthews skin resembles a piece of armour. Body modification specialist Russ Foxx carried out the record smashing session in Vancouver, Canada. The previous piercing record had been 3900, which was set by American Tyson Turk in 2011. The most painful part for Matthew was removing the needles.

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The Way to Find the Best Tattoos

Clearly there is no way to truly define what makes the best tattoos. That is because there are so many factors involved. All of these mean that finding the best tattoos becomes so incredibly subjective that there is no clear way to define it without being wrong for someone. However, that is not an answer that satisfies most people, as a tattoo becomes such an important life event that one wants to make sure they have found one.

Cheap Investments in Tattoos – Originality and Clear Lines Are Key

Are you an expert on where to find cheap food? Do you know which burger houses charge for condiments and which do not? Can you buy lunch for $2 a day?

Stop Settling For All the Same Tattoos – The Latest Tattoos Are Available

Are you frustrated because the more you look for a new tattoo design, the more you find the same old tattoos? Do you wish that you could find the latest tattoo designs?

There’s a Story Behind Every Tattoo

The coolest thing about tattoos is that no two people have the some story behind the reason why they got their tattoo. However, there is the occasion that someone will sport the same tattoo as someone else but the reasoning behind why they got it might be different than the other persons.

Locating a Quality Drawn Tattoo For a Woman is Getting Harder

Some of you will spend days and even weeks looking for the right tattoo for a woman. Most will not find the perfect one that fits their style, though. Why? Because only about 15% of people actually find a site that has crisp, quality drawn artwork. The rest wander from site to site that has hordes of generic junk and cookie cutter images. Here’s how to change that when looking for a tattoo for a woman.

If You Really Want to Print Tattoos That Are High Quality, Listen Up

There are thousands of sites where you can print tattoos, but that’s not the point. The point is that only about 15% of us will actually get to the sites that truly have good, crisp, quality drawn tattoo art. That’s it. The rest struggle through sites that have bundles of generic images and bland cookie cutter designs. I will show you how to avoid this mess, while finally getting to the sites where you can print tattoos that are worth printing.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Will You Locate Quality Drawn Designs?

It’s never going to be a hard chore to find wrist tattoos for girls while looking online. Even though this is true, only about 10% of you will find even “one” of the sites that have crisp, quality drawn artwork. The rest? Well, they end up trying to sift through sites that have nothing to offer besides generic junk and old cookie cutter images. Here’s how to reverse this problem very easily, so you can finally see what quality wrist tattoos for girls look like.

Quality Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Are Getting Harder to Locate

The web has an abundant selection of sites that will have tribal shoulder tattoos. It’s too bad, though, that only 15% of these people will pull up even “one” site that has crisp, quality drawn artwork. The rest? They wind up scouring through galleries that have nothing to offer besides generic junk and cookie cutter tribals. Here’s why it happens and how to stop it in its tracks, so you can find all of the quality tribal shoulder tattoos you wish.

Lower Back Tattoos – Tips For Grabbing Quality Artwork

The days are gone when you could grab dozens of quality lower back tattoos in a matter of minutes. What is happening now is very, very different. Most folks are lucky to even find “one” decent site that has crisp, quality drawn tattoo designs. The rest waste their free time scouring through generic junk. If you want to avoid that situation, here’s how to do it, while finding the sites that really do have amazing lower back tattoos.

Looking For Great Tattoos Online – How to Bypass Generic Junk Art

Believe me when I say that it’s getting extremely hard to find any sort of truly great tattoos online. Not only that, but the opposite keeps happening for most of us. Let me put it like this: Only about 15% of guys and gals will even pull up “one” decent tattoo gallery that has crisp, quality drawn tattoo art. That’s all. If you don’t want to works your way through that mess, here’s how to easily bypass that, wile finding tons of great tattoos.

Sagittarius Tribal Tattoos – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

So you are ready for some new ink and you want a Sagittarius tribal tattoo. Sagittarius tribal tattoos make great tattoos as it is fun showing off your zodiac sign. But before you commit to getting your tattoo you should do some research to make sure that your hard-earned money is spent well. You want a great tattoo, not just an OK tattoo. And doing this research beforehand can make a huge difference in the final result.

Tribal Raven Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

So you want to get a tribal raven tattoo? That is a great choice for your new ink but before you spend your money on your new tat you need to do some research so that you end up with a great tattoo. Remember that this is going to be a permanent piece of artwork on your body so doing this research beforehand will make sure you are happy with your new ink!

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