Bored With Your Tattoo? Make Cover Up!

Well… maybe. People get tattoos for different reasons, and it’s possible some people do get bored of them. You might get a tattoo because you like the design, or because the design symbolises something to you. So, watch our new video: Bored With Your Tattoo? Make Cover Up!

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How to Find an Awesome Tattoo For Women Online

In today’s day and age, most women and girls have great looking tattoos and the popularity of tattoos in women is continuing to increase every single day. One probable reason is celebrity endorsements. It’s ordinary to see many female celebrities with tattoos and that is considered fashion these days.

How to Find an Perfect Lower Back Tattoo You Truly Deserve

Why are the lower back tattoos so popular? Lower back tattoos became popular during the past two decades, especially among girls.they are often oblong in shape, following the slope of the back on either side of the woman’s spine.

Free Tattoo Ideas

If you know that you want to get a tattoo, one of the best things about the decision can be deciding on what design you want. As exciting as this can be, it can also be extremely frustrating. There are so many designs out there, it can be hard to decide on one.

Everything You Need To Know About Chinese Symbol Tattoos

Getting an Awesome Chinese Tattoo You Truly Deserve

Tattoo Designs The New Era

Tattoos are more and more in style and when you are searching for tattoo designs you will find a new breed of tattoo artist that has been searching the world in search of inspiration to allow them to create these strikingly beautiful tattoo designs. These artisans are not your run of the mill paint by numbers tattooist they are the cream of the tattoo profession. In current times the tattoos encapsulating feeling, have been rediscovered. The time honoured western tattoo designs, which had nearly become extinct are now in huge demand once more, and are being re found by tattoo devotes.

Nautical Star Tattoos – The Original Meaning

Nautical star tattoos have caused much controversy and heated discussion regarding the true meaning of the design. Over the years, many groups have attempted to tag the design with their own unique interpretation.

Star Tattoo Ideas – From Ancient to Space-Age

Stars. The ancient peoples of the Earth first worshiped them, and assigned them the power to direct the fate of each human being. Shakespeare’s Cassius laments, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in the stars, but in ourselves.” The late Carl Sagan, in describing the physical connectedness of human being to the rest of the universe, said, “We are all made of star stuff,” and in those seven words summed up the mystery of where we came from and where we are going.

Celtic Design Tattoos – Pure and Powerful Art

Celtic design tattoos, both because of their ancient historical symbolism and because they are simply among the most beautiful tattoos in the entire tattoo universe, are among the most requested of all tattoo designs. Both men and women of all ages have become intrigued with the aura surrounding Celtic design tattoos, and are hoping some of it will rub off on them.

Rose Tattoos – A Meaning In Every Petal

Roses have always been associated with love and death. The ancient Greeks believed that the first rose was created when Chloris, the goddess of flowers, came upon a dying wood nymph and transformed her into a flower. Then the goddess of love, Aphrodite, gave the flower its beauty, and the god of wine, Dionysus, contributed an intoxicating fragrance. Beauty, love, intoxication, and death, all in one package; add thorns for a hint of sorrow and danger, and you have the perfect symbol of the human condition.

Christian Cross Tattoos – Outward Signs of Inner Faith

If you mentions that you might want to get a Christian cross tattoos to a devout audience, you may have someone protests that the book of Leviticus clearly states that “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”

Mermaid Tattoos – The Ultimate in Feminine Mystique

The ancient Greeks had their Sirens, whose haunting songs lured many a seafarer to his death. And the fifteenth and sixteenth century explorers returned to Europe with tales of sea creatures who had the heads and upper torsos of a woman and fishes’ tails instead of legs. They claimed that these mysterious and beautiful creatures were as deadly as the Sirens of old, and would lure men into the water by pretending they were drowning, only to squeeze their unsuspecting victims to death.

Forbidding or Friendly Grim Reaper Tattoos

The custom of giving death human characteristics is nothing new; it may date as far back as the ancient Greek’s harvest god Cronus, who was portrayed with a sickle and whose name led him to be confused for Chronos, who was the Greek god of time. Cronus’ sickle was eventually transformed into a scythe, and his harvest changed from agricultural to a harvest of the souls of the dead.

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