Breathtakingly Beautiful Blackout Tattoos (part#2)

Blackout tattoos are solid tattoos designed to cover large areas of the body, like the chest, back, arms, and legs. Blackout tattoos are unique, and, apparently, needles just don’t scare some people. It takes a lot of patience and technical skills to pack solid black. Blackout tattoos are negative spaces, really, and it is creating a cool effect for any of the fantastic tattoo lovers out there who want something unique and fun to look at. It’s neat to see that this is something that this kind of tattoo is promoting: the beauty of our natural skin. Here is our second video about the most breathtakingly beautiful blackout tattoos. Enjoy!

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Chinese characters have often been a source of rich and awesome tattoo designs. Even non-Chinese tattoo lovers would simply want to have those tattooed on their bodies. What makes Chinese characters and symbols one-of-a-kind?

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The search for the perfect Shoulder Tattoo Designs can be hard, even though it is one of the most common places to get some ink. Most men and gals are thinking about getting a shoulder tattoo to make a statement or to complement one or more of the other tattoos they already have.

Tattoo Mistakes – 5 Ways to Avoid Them!

A rising fad in today’s society is the practice of getting your tattoo removed. It used to be that tattoos are considered permanent. Now, with the advent of technology and the inventions of ways to get a tattoo and get rid of existing ones, tattoo has simply become temporary. If you have a tattoo and suddenly you want to remove them, then you committed a mistake from the very beginning.

Tattoo Machines – The Evolution!

Tattoo professionals have only three tools of the trade that are very important: tattoo machines, ink and skill of the artist. Sometimes the skill of the artist can be replaced by the use of transfer paper but ink and the tattoo machines are indispensable in permanent tattoos.

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Times are surely changing when you hop online to find tattoo drawings. If you go about it the normal way, prepare yourself to click through hoards of generic images and cookie cutter design choices. This is just a sign of the times, as more and more worthless galleries hop on the net, but one minor tweak to how you search for tattoo drawings will push open doors, where original, high quality designs are all over the place.

How to Find Great Tattoos and the Sites With Hoards of Artwork

I’m not here to tell you what style of artwork will make great tattoos. That’s your decision and your decision alone. You also have the decision whether to spend most of your time clicking through tons of generic artwork, or spend it seeing galleries full of original, top quality design choices. If you don’t want to end up staring at cookie cutter stuff, here’s how you should be looking for great tattoos.

Tattoo Guns – A Must For Tattoo Artists!

Tattoo guns are better known as tattoo machines because they are used to create tattoos. The first prototype of this machine was made by Thomas Edison, the famous inventor of light bulb.

Tattoos – Etiquette When Dealing With Tattooed Individuals!

Tattoo has come a long way when it comes to how people perceived those who are getting inked. In other cultures, tattoo is an accepted way of life because getting a tattoo meant a rite of passage from one stage of maturity to a higher level. In western culture however, the idea still persists that having a tattoo either meant that you came from prison or that you are part of a dangerous group. While there may have been basis in the past for that assumption to linger, it is erroneous to continually have that kind of perception.

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Tattoo Designs – Understanding Chinese Symbolism!

Much of the art of tattoo is inference meaning that not everything that you want to expressed is laid out in the open for everyone to understand. That is also the reasons why tattoos normally consists mainly of symbols or graphical representation of something that you want to express.

The ABCs in Setting Up a Tattoo Business!

Just like any other business, setting up a tattoo studio needs to comply with all the legal and government regulatory requirements. The government agency which is tasked to oversee the entry of the new businesses are those that deals with a bureau of trade and industry, or something like that.

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