Breathtakingly Beautiful Blackwork Tattoos by Hanumantra Lamar

Hanumantra Lamar is a blackwork tattoo artist. He is well-known in the tattoo industry for his amazing large and bold pieces. Blackwork tattoos are solid black tattoos inspired by tribal tattoos, especially Native Americans. Blackwork tattoos have nothing in common with these ancient tribal tattoos if not for the aesthetic, so they must not be listed among tribal tattoos. Some blackwork tattoos resemble ancient Inca or Aztec designs, and Maori designs, but blackwork art is still a modern take on tribal tattoos so it mustn’t be taken for what it’s not. Hanumantra has a great modern spin on blackwork tattoos and he tailors every work for every different person.

You can find Hanumantra on Instagram @hanumantra and Facebook.

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