Cleen Rock One Finally Wins $100,000 | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

Cleen and Christian have gone through many finales, but never once gotten the crown of Ink Master. Today, history is rewritten and Cleen Rock One is finally walking away with $100,000 and a win. Watch full episodes of Ink Master:

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Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nation’s best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.

Celtic Cross Tattoos – The Truth About Their History

With diversified significations that encompass thousands of years of Celtic culture, Celtic cross tattoos unite the extensive variations of one of the most commonly recognized forms of expression and belief. The Celtic cross represents origins associated to both the Christian belief and the ancient Celtic fertility symbol.

How to Become a Tattoo Artist

Millions of people have tattoos, many of them want another one, and many more want their first. Therefore, if you have a good hand for drawing, it would be a smart choice to learn the art of tattooing to become a great tattoo artist. This will form a great source of income for you too!

Speculating About the Origin of Water Tattoos

In this article Pete speculates on the origins of water tattoos. He goes on to speculate about where water tattoos came from and why they were so popular.

Tattoo Regret Anyone?

It’s absolutely amazing the things we do to our bodies when we are young; we think we are invincible. Once a week tanning bed visits from 2003 to 2005? Yes, that was not the wisest idea.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo Inked?

Tattoo Designs; this is a personal choice. Among the boundless themes of tattoo designs, it is important to choose a tattoo design that you like. You can opt for a customised tattoo design which can be costly as it takes up more time and effort from the tattoo artist. Of course, there are thousands ‘off the shelf’ designs which you can choose from in tattoo parlours and online galleries.

Finding Tattoo Styles That Fit You – Locating Good Designs On The Web

Tattoo styles are your choice and you surely know which hones you are looking for, yet locating the quality artwork on the web can seem impossible, as you may have noticed. Some people even give up completely on their search for tattoos because of this. Well, here is what you must know about much of the generic art that flood the internet, as well as how to scoot past it while getting to the good stuff.

Finding A Tattoo Design Online – Locating Good Artwork Online

When it comes down to finding a tattoo design online these days, it can be hard, as you may have seen first hand. Many people simply give up on their search all together because all they find is generic crud and designs that are almost a decade old. Well, here is are some deeply crucial things you must know about that type of crazy artwork, as well as how to slide right past it while getting to the good stuff.

Lower Back Tattoos For Women – Reasons Why They Are Number 1

The most sensual spots on a woman include the neck and the lower back. Lower back tattoos for women are great because they are a symbol of a woman’s confidence in her sensual self. Because of this reason, lower back tattoos for women have become highly popular as a tattoo choice.

Vampire Tattoos

The latest goth & emo trends have caused an upsurge of popularity in vampire tattoos. Find out how to get unique tattoos from reading this article.

Zodiac Symbol Tattoos

Are you after a unique, ever popular tattoo. Then look no further than finding out about your zodiac sign design. You’ll never change your birthday, so you’re guaranteed to always love your tattoo.

Guardian Angel Tattoos

Guardian angels are known to watch and look over us. Would you like to immortalise this ethereal creature by having a guardian angel tattoo? Read on to find out more.

Tattoo Designs – Where to Find the Best

Where can you find the best tattoo designs? Here are three important options when researching where to find the ideal tattoo for you.

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