Coffee Bean Art: Flash Challenge Sneak Peek ☕ Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

With their coaches, the teams are challenged to create art work using just coffee beans. New episodes premiere every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network!

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.

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Girl Back Tattoo? Consider This First!

There are very important considerations to think about before getting a girl back tattoo. Here are the negative aspects to that location and some possible alternative spots.

Painful Tattoos – How to Minimize Your Tattoo Pain

How much will it hurt has got to be one of the top questions asked when it comes to getting a tattoo. No matter who you are or your life experiences, tattoos will hurt to some degree or another. You are after all repeatedly piercing your skin with thousands of needles a minute, would you really expect that to be a very pleasurable feeling?

Tattoo Blues

Ok, you are all hyped up about getting a tattoo; it’s exiting and also a bit scary. Especially if it’s your first one it can be a very difficult decision to make. Thoughts invade your mind like “what if I don’t like it later?

Finding Printable Tattoo Designs on the Web – Locating the Good Stuff

Finding printable tattoo designs online can be a task that can take forever. You have probably noticed that it is hard to locate the quality artwork on the web, let alone the fact that you want to be able to print it. Well, here are pin point tips you must know about a lot of the generic art out there, as well as how you can easily get to the great prints on the internet.

Tribal Tattoo Designs – Locating Great Tribals and Related Art

Tribal tattoo designs can be some of the most complex and amazing pieces you could every consider getting. Tribals in general are truly great works of art. The fact that many people end up settling for random, generic artwork is a real shame. Here is what you need to know about so much of the material on the web, as well as how to locate the good the top of the line stuff that we all need.

Tattoo Art – The “Inside Scoop” About Online Tattoo Designs

Have you turned to the web for Tattoo Art like millions of others? The demand for high quality tattoo-able art is at an all time high and the internet can be a great place to find your perfect tattoo design. Searching online for quality artwork can be a daunting task though. There are endless web pages to weed through and even after locating a possible design how are you to know if that tattoo art is proven ink-able on a human body? Fortunately we have some insider tips for picking a quality design that you will love forever.

Phoenix Tattoo Design – Sifting Past the Generic Artwork

A Phoenix tattoo design is something you have probably put a lot of thought into. I am sure that you have thought long and hard about the kind of artwork you would like. You most likely know the approximate size you would like it, too. What you don’t know is that there is a lot of generic artwork on the web that needs to be avoided for more reasons than one.

Looking For a Great Tattoo Design Gallery Online

Finding a great tattoo design gallery online is like finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground. It just never seems to happen for many people. The internet is so overloaded with cookie-cutter websites and generic artwork that it can seem impossible to find what you want and need. Well, here is exactly what you need to know about a lot of the material out there, as well as how to find the top notch stuff.

How to Pick Out Your First Tattoo Design

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time this article can help you pick a tattoo design. Find out where to look for them, what type to consider, and if you can create an original design.

The Evolution of the Tattoo Machine

The art of tattooing as a form of personal adornment is several thousands years old. Different areas in the world have their own tattooing techniques and procedures.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo Designs

If you were born between July 23 and August 22 then under the western astrological calendar you are a Leo. Leo have wonderfully communicative personalities and love to be out there. They are often the life of the party and have a naturally affinity for the theater. Tattoos are very hot among most Leos because of the flair for the dramatic. If you are one of those people looking for a Leo tattoo for yourself or maybe you want to find a great tattoo for the Leo in your life then this article is for you. It will go into some design ideas for Leo zodiac tattoos.

Tips and Advise on Getting a Lower Back Tattoos For Young Lady

If you like to go out and you’ve been paying attention, one matter that you’ve been observing is the popularity of lower back tattoos for young lady*. They are among the most common tattoos out at that place, and if you are thinking of getting one for yourself, you’ll find that there are lot of rewards to it.

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