Colorful Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked

So if you’re looking to nurture the rebellious side of you by getting a small tattoo, here are 7 ideas to get you inspired for your first (second, third or fourth) ink …

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Guy Tattoos – Why So Many Guys Struggle to Locate Quality Art

Looking for good guy tattoos is not the easy task it once was. There is a bigger problem brewing, because over 85% of men won’t even find “one” site that has crisp, quality drawn tattoo designs. Most will just be brought to awful sites that pack their inventory with as much cookie cutter artwork as possible. I’m going to show you how to stop this in it’s tracks, while easily finding amazing guy tattoos.

Finding a Tattoo For a Woman – Where’s the Original, Quality Artwork At?

As if finding a tattoo for a woman isn’t difficult enough, now it’s even harder to find sites that put up quality drawn artwork. It’s crazy, but over 80% of you will undoubtedly run into nothing but sites that pack their inventory with generic images and cookie cutter junk. That’s why I want to share this easy, fool proof way to get to websites that truly have fresh, original artwork, to pick out the best tattoo for a woman.

Lower Back Tattoos – Finding Good, Quality Drawn Artwork Today

Gone are the boring days of getting generic lower back tattoos etched on your body. So many people have done that and many of them end up full of regret because of it. What makes it even more difficult is that it can be very hard to find even “one” site that have fresh, original, quality drawn tattoo artwork.

How to Easily Find Amazing Artwork to Print Tattoos That You Want

I remember beginning my search for sites to print tattoos that were good and high quality. It was about two years ago and it was darn easy to pull up amazing artwork. Times have really changed, though, and most of you are going to get bombarded with generic images and cookie cutter junk.

Quality Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Are Very Hard to Locate

When you think of tribal shoulder tattoos, you think of crisp, detailed piece of art. Most of the stuff you find on the web is generic and cookie cutter. This isn’t to say that there aren’t a plethora of sites that have good, quality drawn artwork.

Tattoo Regret – Brandy Norwood

Tattoos can be a wonderful form a self expression but unfortunately people tend to make mistakes when picking out their tattoo designs. It might seem all fine and dandy when you are 18 but when you are in your 40’s you might be scratching your head wondering why you got what you got tattooed on you and might even wish you would not have gotten it in the first place.

How to Easily Obtain Ideas on Fairies and Fantasy Tattoos

Pulling your hair trying to find ideas and inspiration on fairies and fantasy tattoos? Let go of your hair now as this article will provide you with 2 great places to get your idea engine up and running again.

Pisces Tattoos – A Permanent Reminder

Tattoos have been commonplace for the past few decades, but previously they were seen as symbols of rebellion, instability and trouble. Today, millions get inked and the possibilities for the designs they choose are endless. From loved ones names, to a depiction of your zodiac sign, the decision is yours.

Scorpion Tattoos – Behind Their Meaning

As a member of the arachnid family, the scorpion has a massive amount of species. While its beginnings aren’t completely known, there is evidence that they are over 400 million years old. In Greek Mythology the scorpion represents the military-like readiness, seen in its quick bite and poisonous results.

Locating a Good Gallery of Tattoos is Getting to Be Impossible

It’s a fairly new phenomenon that many people aren’t finding a good gallery of tattoos. What isn’t new is that way most individuals “look” for these galleries. That’s the big problem and that’s what needs to be changed. I am going to show you the exact way to find one good gallery of tattoos after another the easy way.

Female Chest Tattoos – Making it Easy to Find Amazing Artwork

Have you eve been on the street, a party or some gathering and seen women with generic female chest tattoos? Well, there’s a good chance that most of them regret settling on a cookie cutter design and not getting something more original and better quality.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo – Finding Websites That Feature Amazing Artwork

You can wander to just about any site to grab a generic cherry blossom tattoo. I assume that’s not what you want, though. It can be pretty hard to even get to “one” site that has fresh, crisp, quality drawn tattoos, unless you know how to uncover them. I will show you exactly how t do that, so it’s easy for you to find the perfect cherry blossom tattoo.

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