Comic Book Inspired Tattoos

Comic Book Inspired Tattoos .

Easy First Tattoo Choices – 5 Options For First Time Ink

Ever wanted a tattoo but didn’t want to “go all out”. Now days guys and girls are getting first tattoos that cover half their arms! But many of us who want to get inked, prefer an easy tattoo to start out with.

Egyptian Eye Tattoos

There are many Egyptian eye tattoos being sported. What do they mean and should you really get one?

Egyptian God Tattoos

If you are wearing a tattoo of an Egyptian god then it is probably best to know what it represents as well as looking awesome. I have seen many different Anubis tattoo designs, which is interesting seeing as he represents the underworld but read below for some common Egyptian gods and their meanings.

Everything You Need to Know About Dragon Tattoo Designs

Dragons are an incredibly popular choice in tattoo designs these days. Just about everyone you see with tattoos has some form of dragon somewhere on their body it seems. When did this start? Why do they choose the dragon? What does it mean?

Everything You Need to Know About Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The history behind Butterfly tattoo designs is rich and full of mythology and spiritualism. It is easily one of most requested tattoo designs. There are several reasons throughout history that contribute to this idea.

Rockabilly Tattoos – Reviving the Art of Sailor Jerry

Vintage in style, today’s rockabilly tattoos are a combination of sailor tattoos and key elements of ’50s fashion. From the sailors came the anchors, sparrows, stars and pin-up girls, from the prime time of rockabilly music came the ’50s iconic cars, music symbols and ironic red hearts. Girls, cars, and musical symbols and instruments tended to dominate. Women, who were less likely to get tattoos, would wear necklaces with pendants with the same kind of artwork, along with sayings like ‘faith’ or ‘rock’, known as rockabilly tattoo necklaces.

How to Get Rid of a Tattoo

It is not easy to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Before deciding on getting one, it is important to know the removal cost and also the time and physical discomfort involved and the reality of possible scars.

Flash Tattoos – The Evolution From Yesterday to Today

Taking a trip down memory lane is easy when walking into a body art shop. Here you will find flash tattoos going back as far as your mind can take you. The flash is one of the main components of a tattoo parlor. This is where a client will browse the different categories, looking for that perfect tattoo.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo!

When my older brother got his first tattoo, it was a cross symbol near his left shoulder blade, and my parents nearly blew a gasket. Perhaps it was a generational conflict, but neither my father nor my mother could understand what made their dear son to get a tattoo out of a sudden impulse. My brother, who was then an up-and-rising medical student with a promising future, decided to mark his body physically and his life figuratively with a ‘tramp mark’ (in my mother’s words).

Everything You Need to Know About Tribal Tattoo Designs

While some tattoos can be elaborate displays of genuine artwork, full of colors and intricate lines, there is definitely a lot that can be said in favor of the more primal sort of symbols known as tribal tattoos. It has been discovered that the idea of tattooing the skin goes all the way back to the ancient man…

Flower and Butterfly Tattoos – How to Make These Tattoo Designs Unique and Special

Flower tattoos and butterfly tattoos are without the doubt, at the top of the list when it comes to women’s choice of tattoo designs. But who can blame them? Flowers and butterflies are some of nature’s most beautiful and fascinating creatures that they are usually the subject matter when it comes to works of artistry.

Tribal Flower Tattoo Designs – How to Design Your Own Tattoo?

Just Design Your Own Tattoo and pierce on your body. Before that you need to do certain home work before adoring any tribal flower tattoo design. Look for different variations and different shapes in tribal flower tattoos.

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