Cool Tattoo Video Compilation #2

This new tattoo video compilation released here contains stunning and incredible tattoo designs. We hope that you will find this time lapse video very interesting and useful. If you are interested by tattoo artist who made one of this tattoos you can check the credit list below in the description. And now watch this cool video compilation.

1. Incredible bodysuit tattoo project – 00:05
2. Beautiful floral tattoo – 01:01
3. Black rose tattoo on hand – 01:29
4. Sun flower watercolou tattoo – 02:02
5. Mosaic Flow x Realism fusion piece – 02:25
6. Incredible hand tattoo – 02:56
7. Extraordinary hand tattoo 03:39
the color and detail on this is UNREAL
8. Diamond tattoo 04:16
9. Water tattoo with shark 04:30
10. Forearm ornament 04:46

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