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Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are stuck with their terrible tattoo decisions. Maybe they were moved by love, or maybe they thought it would be funny to ink a stupid joke onto their bodies forever. In any case, impulsive ideas usually turn into permanent regrets. Fortunately, there are talented artists out there who are able to turn those mistakes into epic pieces of art.

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Upper Back Tattoos – Why People Can’t Locate a Quality Back Tattoo

Most people who look for good upper back tattoos will end up very disappointed by what they see. It’s crazy that only around 15% of men and women get to see the site that have amazing artwork, but that’s exactly what is happening. The rest just plow though terrible galleries that have nothing but generic artwork and cookie cutter junk. That’s all. I figure out a much better way to locate so many of the sites that have fresh, quality drawn upper back tattoos.

Japanese Tattoo Designs – Where is the Quality Art?

I am sure you have seen some hideous and very generic Japanese tattoo designs. Not all artwork is like that, though. There is a big problem occurring, because most people just aren’t able to locate the sites that have good, crisp, quality drawn artwork. I’m going to provide you with an easy solution to this, so you can find all the great Japanese tattoo designs you can handle.

Kanji Tattoos – Finding Good Art For This Wonderful Tattoo Style

There can really be something special about picking from amazing Kanji tattoos. There’s a slight problem, though. Only about 10% of you will find that good, quality drawn artwork. The rest just wander around, going to sites that are jam packed with generic junk and cookie cutter images. It’s a shame. I know how to easily change this trend, so you can find bundles of amazing Kanji tattoos.

Star Foot Tattoos – Pin Pointing Sites With Amazing Artwork

Most of you will rush out and get one of the first star foot tattoos you see inked on your feet. Many of those people will end up regretting doing that. Some other people will struggle mightily trying to find good, crisp, quality drawn tattoo designs for their feet. In fact, 90% will probably not find good artwork. Here’s the easy way to keep this from happening, so you can quickly find the sites that have amazing star foot tattoos.

Design Tattoos – The Beauty of Body Art

Once reserved for bikers and promiscuous women, tattoos are now found on millions of people – regular folks like you and me. Getting a tattoo is almost becoming commonplace, and it has opened a whole new field of employment, as well.

The Complete Guide to Pricing Your Tattoo Design

I often get asked by people looking to get a tattoo how much do you think this will cost? Of course each person has their own unique design in mind and everyone wants to know exactly how much their design is going to cost them.

The Complete Guide to Tattoo Pain – How Painful is My Tattoo Going to Be? We Answer Your Questions!

Often I get asked by people looking to get a tattoo will this design be painful? Of course every person has a different tattoo design in mind and a different location on their body that they want to get tattooed. It is not an easy question to answer and often the response takes some time.

Sexy Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women

Have you been thinking about getting a sexy ankle tattoo design? Ankle tattoos have been around for a long time and have always been a very popular place to get a tattoo for women. There are a variety of reasons for this they are very sexy, easily hidden when needed and there are a ton of great designs that work well on a female ankle.

Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Designs and Ideas – The Hottest in Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Are you looking for a full or half sleeve tattoo design that is unique and different then a lot of the others you have seen out there already? You might want to consider a Japanese sleeve tattoo design.

Printable Tattoo Designs – Finding High Quality Printable Tattoos to Grab

It doesn’t take an engineer to locate sites that have printable tattoo designs. For some reason, though, it seems like it take a rocket scientist to find sites that have crisp, quality drawn tattoos. Everyone is eying the same generic artwork and the same cookie cutter junk everywhere they go. It’s a shame. There’s an easy way to stop this, though, and I will show you how to do it, so you can find amazing printable tattoo designs.

Finding Tattoo Styles That Fit For You – It’s Only Your Body After All

You should already have a god idea of the different tattoo styles that you like and want. What I want to concentrate on is how you can quickly find the best quality artwork the web has to offer. Way too many people end up stuck in an ocean of generic junk and never get to see what “real” tattoos look like. Here’s the low down on finding crisp, quality drawn tattoo styles.

The History of the Mom Tattoo

Tattoos have been around for ages. It has been proven that the pharaohs in Egypt and their queens even dawned tattoos. Through the years of tattoos there have been several trends started stopped and started up again. However, there seems to be a bit of a mystery to when and why the good old “Mom” tattoo began.

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