Dental Piercing: facts and info ► All what you need to know!

Would you brighten your smile with a Dental piercing? Here are some general facts about Dental Piercing and what you need to know about it. Dental piercing is a growing trend among body modification enthusiasts. Unlike typical body piercings, teeth piercing doesn’t hurt much. The procedure doesn’t necessarily need drilling of the tooth. Usually, the surface gets cleaned up and polished, and a composite is applied in preparation for the sticking of jewellery.

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Lower Back Tattoos – How to Get to Well Drawn Artwork Online

You may have a slight issue when looking for good lower back tattoos. Actually, it’s a huge issue, not slight, because there’s a very strong chance that you’re going to jump into nothing but loads of generic, cookie cutter artwork. I’ll tell you why and how to stop this, so you can get straight to the sites that post original, well drawn lower back tattoos.

Do You Want Print Tattoos That Are Generic, Or a Bit More Original?

When the average person goes looking for places to print tattoos, they are underwhelmed by what they see. It’s a foregone conclusion that 85% of men and women will bump into nothing but generic laced galleries, which are stacked with loads of cookie cutter artwork. I will show you how to stop this, while getting directly to the galleries where you can print tattoos that are crisp, well drawn and high quality.

Good Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Are Hard to Find

Most of you already know how visible and prominent tribal shoulder tattoos can be. That’s why it’s an absolute must that you get to see good, crisp, well drawn artwork, instead of bland, generic, cookie cutter junk. A large majority of people see nothing but the awful artwork, though. I will show you the quickest way to get right to the galleries that have original, well drawn tribal shoulder tattoos.

Political Tattoos

In 2008, it seems more and more of Americas youth took the initiative to get involved in the political process, and since tattoos are very popular with the younger generation, political tattoos were destined to soon appear. Many young people are getting them, but it is not a decision to be made quickly or lightly. People have started to get the logo of the political party that they support permanently placed on their body, but before you do that, you need to think about a few things.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

Chinese Dragon Tattoos are the most requested ink in tattoo parlors. People view these tattoos as strong, bold, graceful and spiritual. The Chinese Dragon is a very versatile character which can symbolize a variety of meanings.

Tattoo Removal Using Creams

Tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular, perhaps due to the increased number of people getting a tattoo. Removing a tattoo isn’t an easy process and in some cases it may not even be a possibility. This article will examine tattoo removal creams and discuss their effectiveness.

Pinup Girl Tattoos – 3 Different Types

Learn about the 3 different pinup girl tattoos available. These are excellent designs to choose for cool, sexy, old school ink.

Celebrity Tattoos – Jenna Jameson

When one hears the name Jenna Jameson they automatically think gorgeous sex symbol of the adult film industry. But there is something else that is thought of when Jenna Jameson is mentioned, her multiple tattoos. Even though Jenna has several tattoos it does not take away from her sex appeal some say it adds to it. So one may wonder why this can’t be said for everyday ordinary people.

The Attraction of Foot Tattoos

The tattoos of today are vastly different in style and placement to those of the old days. These, and the ability to create a truly unique design, are the reasons that foot tattoos are considered one way to express your individuality. Ultimately it is only you that will decide exactly what kind of tattoo you will have and where on your body you will place it.

Is the Tattoo Sleeve Right For You?

Tattoos created by talented and skilled artists are rightly regarded as works of art. However, what makes a tattoo really outstanding is the surface it is created upon, in this case it is inked onto your skin; you can actually turn your own body into a work of art.

Koi Fish Tattoos and Their Meaning

Now that you have already decided to get yourself a tattoo the first part of the process is over. You just have to find the right tattoo design for you and as this is a major decision you should take your time and carefully figure out what type of tattoo you would like to have.

Tattoo Aftercare Special Topic – Why Overmoisturizing Your Tattoo is a Bad Idea

Taking care of your tattoo is one thing (and it’s a good thing). But did you know that you can get overzealous in your tattoo care and actually reduce the saturation in your inks? Here’s what you need to know to prevent that from happening.

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