DJ Tambe Returns To Coach | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

As the only artist to win Ink Master twice, DJ Tambe has a lot of advice to offer his team. Can DJ claim a third win? New episodes premiere every Tuesday at 10/9c on Paramount Network!

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The competition may be fierce, but art will be the great equalizer when men are pitted against women on Ink Master: Battle of the Sexes. Teams of male and female tattoo artists battle it out, but only one person will take home $100,000 and the coveted title of Ink Master.

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A Hip Tattoo Can Be a Painful Area

Hip tattoos are a great place for women to get a tattoo design. Even some guys get hip tattoos depending on the design they can look equally good on a guy. Tattoos on the hip can be one of the more painful areas to get new ink.

Ladies Are You Thinking About a Breast Tattoo

Ladies tattoos are sometimes done in color, but they can also be done in regular black or green tattoo ink as well. These tattoos feature complex artwork and usually rendered on ink with plain black colors alone to maintain its authenticity. However, some tattoo enthusiasts also play it up by combining it with one or two colors which can come out as really interesting and striking.

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo – Locating the Quality Artwork

A tribal shoulder tattoo is design that you have most likely put a lot of thought into. Most folks begin their search on the web and it looks like that is exactly what you are doing. What ends up happening to most people while they are looking for their designs is the real killer. All they end up being able to see is the load of generic artwork out there, no matter where and when they looking for it. This shouldn’t happen and here are simple tips to avoid it from happening.

Finding Quality Butterfly Tattoo Art – Getting to the Premium Designs

If you are searching for butterfly tattoo art on the net, then you know the amount of material that is out there. Since you are most likely looking right now, you probably also realize just how much generic art is on the internet. It does not really matter which styles and which niche of tattoos you are looking for, because the net seems over-cluttered with so much “less than” artwork. Here is a simple way to avoid it while getting you straight to the superb designs.

Where to Find Great Celtic Tattoo Designs on the Web

You already know how sensational Celtic tattoo designs can be. They are quite simply some of the most perfect pieces you could choose for your tattoos, which his why you are no doubt looking for them today. You may have noticed just how frustrating it can be to locate the high quality artwork for this particular niche, too. You want polished, original designs for yourself, but all that tends to pull up are generic ones at best. Well, here is how you can easily get the top notch content out there.

Tattoos Versus Other Types of Body Art

These days, it isn’t uncommon for tattoos to be connected with other forms of body art. In very many areas, especially larger cities, tattoo parlours are no longer solely tattoo studios, as they also offer piercings.

Finding Great Maori Tattoo Designs – Bypassing the Generic Stuff

You already know how magnificent Maori tattoo designs can be. They are some of the most amazing pieces of art you could choose for your tattoos, which his why you are probably looking for them. You may have realized just how difficult it can be to find the quality artwork for this niche, too. You want policed, original designs, but all that seems to pop up are generic ones. Well, here is how to find the top notch material out there.

Getting Great Tattoos of Hearts – Where to Find Them?

Finding quality tattoos of hearts on the web can be a delicate situation that many people end up failing to do. Sure, you can find tons of generic, cookie-cutter designs out there, but most people should never settle on something like this. I am sure you are looking for the superb artwork out there, but how do you actually find it? Here is how to do it, along with the truth about the content that pulls up in search-engines.

Locating the Quality Flower Hawaiian Tattoos and Designs Online

Flower Hawaiian tattoos are some of the most appealing designs you can think about looking for online. You can truly make a captivating tattoo from this style of artwork, which is probably what you are trying to do. The truth is that the net is so clogged with generic art, it can seem just about impossible to find the quality stuff you are after. Here is what to watch out for, as well as an impressive tip to easily find a great tattoo.

How to Find Superb Designs of Tattoos

Finding the high quality designs of tattoos on the internet can be a very tedious and frustrating process for many people. The way most people go about finding them, they will either run into the same generic, cookie-cutter artwork, or they simply get tired of looking all together. The truth is that there are great tattoo galleries out there, but you need to know how to locate them and here is how you do it.

Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is something that you need to go into well-informed. Here is what you need to know before getting a tattoo and dealing with a tattoo parlor and tattoo artist.

How to Find a Great Gallery of Tattoos

Finding a great gallery of tattoos is not the easiest thing to do on the net. Sure, you can find tons of galleries out there, but most are filled with generic artwork and aren’t; worth your time. You may have even noticed this for yourself. If you haven’t here is what to watch out for, along with a surefire tip to find the top notch places on the web.

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