Draw on SLIME Ink Box Challenge: Sausage & Duffy Fortner | Ink Master

Sausage & Duffy Fortner are challenged to draw on SLIME. Comment below who do you think deserves the win.

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Fan-favorite artists from past seasons of Ink Master face off to put their skills to the test – knowing only that theres a challenge and a mysterious box containing their instructions, their materials, and their canvas.

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How to Get a Tattoo That No One Else Has?

Getting a tattoo is easy but when your tattoo can be seen almost anywhere, this may not be too flattering. Is it important to you that your tattoo is unique and that there won’t be hundreds or thousands of others running around with the exact tattoo? If yes, read on.

Tattoo Lettering – How to Get it Right

Tattoo lettering is often a key component of a successful design. Great lettering can create a spectacular tattoo you will love forever. Conversely, a lettering disaster can leave you upset, disappointed and frustrated. Imagery is important, but so is the text.

Perfect For a Girl – Foot Tattoo Designs

A girl’s foot tattoo can be a great choice. Although there are a few things to consider before presenting your bare foot to a tattoo artist, there are also some great reasons to consider a foot tattoo.

You Next Male Tattoo – Are the Good Guy Tattoos Hiding?

I assume you are one of the men looking for a great male tattoo on the internet and are trying to find the quality guy tattoos out there. You have so many different choices, but you have probably narrowed down the styles you want to a half dozen or so. It doesn’t; really matter which style you are looking for, but what does matter is the fact that the web is loaded with so much generic artwork that you should avoid and here is why.

The Feminine Tattoo – Seeking the Optimal Place For the Feminine You

Feminine tattoos can enhance and beautify a women if chosen right. It can accent her shape and blend in beautifully to create the perfect canvas. Tattoos were once a taboo topic and females were defiantly not the ones to bear them but times have changed and it has become common ground to see a pretty girl with an small tattoo peeking out from behind her clothes. The tattoo she choses and the place she has it can tell you a lot about the women as any tattoo can reveal much about the bearer.

Cross Tattoos – How to Pick That Perfect Cross Tattoo Design

Are you considering cross tattoos? Well, you’re not alone. Cross tattoos (or shield tattoos) have been tattooed on people throughout history and remains a top design choice for those who desire getting inked. Design elements for this tattoo design vary just about as much as the representation one associates with it. The important thing to remember is that your new tattoo will be an extension of you and your personality.

Tattoo Skull Art – The Best Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoos are just about as old as tattoos themselves. Tattoos have been around thousands of years and skulls have been inked on people for that entire time. Tattoo skull art, though an old tradition, is still evolving today and some of the best designs ever are still yet to be discovered. If you are interested in finding the best tattoo skull art designs, you are in luck. In this article I am going to tell you exactly where to find the best printable designs that you can bring straight to the tattoo shop. I have done a lot of research on this topic and I think I can help you with your newest tattoo.

Tips in Choosing Your Tattoo Parlor

With the growth of tattoo industry, a lot of tattoo parlors have multiplied like crazy. When choosing your tattoo parlor, make sure you check it out first before rushing into your decision.

A Brief Look at Chinese Japanese Kanji and Maori Tattoos

Japanese tattoos, Chinese tattoos, Kanji tattoos and Maori tattoos are some of the traditional form of tattoos. Just how do they started and what do they represent?

The Evolution of Tattoo As an Art Form

Tattoo is a form of art that has been widely accepted in our society. But tattoo is not a recent phenomenon, it has been around for thousands of years already.

Tribal Tattoos and Celtic Tattoos – Why Are They Popular

Tribal tattoos and Celtic tattoos are two of the most famous tattoo designs. If these two tattoos are mainly use for decorative purposes nowadays, they have a much deeper meaning from they originated.

5 Tips to Decide on the Perfect Tattoo

Picking the perfect tattoo pattern can be a very tedious task. After all, this is a permanent body modification. You can’t just decide tomorrow it is something you no longer want and wash it off. If anything it will cost you in most cases more than you initially spent on the tattoo itself to have it removed. There are many things to keep in mind when you are deciding what tattoo will be perfect for you.

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