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Fan-favorite artists from past seasons of “Ink Master” face off to put their skills to the test – knowing only that there’s a challenge and a mysterious box containing their instructions, their materials, and their canvas.

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Tattoo Types – Decide What Type is Right For You

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, styles and colours but can still be generally categorized into one of the major styling groups. With the proper artist achieving any style should not be an issue.

Thinking Of Getting a Celtic Tattoo?

The pre-Anglo Saxon people in Europe were known as Celts. They lived throughout what is now Great Britain, Ireland, and even France, southern Germany and Spain.

7 Questions For a No Regrets Tattoo!

A tattoo is one of the most meaningful forms of self-expression you can adopt. Adding something to your skin makes it a part of who you are. It also requires a serious commitment.

So You Got Your Tattoo? – 10 Excellent Aftercare Instructions

So, your got your tattoo? That’s great! I hope you are happy with it. Now, that’s only the first part to a tattoo process. Now you have to take proper aftercare of your tattoo. Here’s how!

What is the Latest Hottest Tattoo Design?

What is considered the hottest tattoo may not suit everyone! As you are finding one that best suits your personality, do keep your mind clear and be objective of what you want for the design instead of following the trend.

Deciding On A Tattoo – How To Know If A Tattoo Is For You

The decision to get a tattoo should not be one taken lightly. Tattoos are permanent body modifications and are not something to be done on a whim. You should think long and hard about why you want a tattoo, what it will represent for you and the lifelong ramifications that may go along with getting a piece of ink. Everyone has their own reasoning of course as to why they have chosen to get a tattoo you just need to understand a few things before you proceed with your decision.

Tattoo Pain – Can You Handle The Pain?

A lot of people before they get their first tattoo wonder whether or not it is painful to get a tattoo. Well the simple answer is yes, having your skin pierced by a needle hundreds of times a second does hurt. To most people thought it feels more irritating than anything. But I suppose the real question they are seeking the answer to is how much will it hurt? And then they wonder if they will be able to tolerate the pain.

How To Choose A Tattoo

So you want to know how to choose a tattoo? A lot of decisions must be made before getting the actual tattoo. Here are just a few things for you to consider.

Finding a Tattoo For Women Online – Cut Through the Bad Artwork

Finding a tattoo for women online should be such an easy and fun thing to do for a female. The truth is that is can be down right impossible if you are looking for the quality artwork out there. So many females either give up or even go as far as settling on some generic designs that they don’t truly like. Before this happens to you, here is what needs to be realized.

Beautiful Feminine Belly Tattoos

Beautiful feminine belly tattoos really do look amazing, when a woman approaches you with one of these it really does draw your eye to her naval. This style of design dates back a few hundred years and was mainly seen (or not seen) on Indian women. Many women now have the naval pierced as well as a belly tattoo which does look very stunning if the design is right for the person. You should also check with a tattooist or body piercer to…

Small Feminine Tattoos – Every Woman’s Guide to Feminine Tattoos

Small feminine tattoos have an origin dating back just as far as male tattoos, it’s just not been as widely documented in the western world until quite recently. Indian women have been displaying intricate tattoo designs on their hands and feet for centuries, some of the designs are quite amazing. But…

Feminine Tattoo Ideas – Feminine Tattoos Should Not Be Rushed

When you are looking for feminine tattoo ideas you need to remember one important point, feminine tattoos (like any other tattoo) should not be rushed into. You should never rush into anything which will alter your appearance, whether it’s cosmetic surgery, body piercing or getting a tattoo, you always need to take time to think about your decision. There are many people all over the world who wake up every morning and…

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