‘Freehand w/ Style’ 😈 Face-Off Official Highlight | Ink Master: Grudge Match (Season 11)

The artists are pushed to their limits when they have to freehand their tattoos. Can they show off their skills or will they be sent home? Ink Master: Grudge Match airs Tuesdays 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nation’s best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.


Tattoos – Tribal or Traditional?

What kind of tattoo should you get – a traditional or a tribal? Find the answer to tribal tattoo vs. traditional tattoo.

How Much Does It Hurt To Get A Tattoo?

Pain is part of getting a tattoo. For some people the pain is even an important part of the experience because it allows them to more fully connect with their physical existences. Regardless of your attitude about the pain of the tattooing process, you are certainly interested in how much it will hurt as you anticipate your first tattoo.

The Internet Tattoo

Deciding which tattoo or tattoos are right for you is a pretty important decision to make. We certainly want to avoid making any mistakes. So what role does the internet play?

Small Tattoos – Which Should You Get?

So you’ve looked at some small tattoos and decided you want one? Although it is only small that is a big decision! It will be with you for the rest of your life so you need to make sure you choose one that is right for you, let’s take a quick look at the different things to consider:

Finding Tattoo Designs

Adding art to your body is a popular trend these days. A tattoo can express many different feelings and emotions. It can tell a lot about a person. Many people use tattoos to memorialize a loved one that has passed on or to tell the world they have found that special someone.

Tattoos – 5 Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

Have you ever wondered where the 5 worst and most painful places were to get a tattoo on your body? You should be giving this some careful thought as pain can be outrageous!

Lower Back Tattoos – Advantages Of The Popular Lower Back Tattoo

The popularity of lower back tattoos has increased dramatically over the last 15 to 20 years, particularly among young women. The lower back is an ideal location for a tattoo, and has many advantages over other locations. I will reveal four advantages, and look at the best places to find your dream lower back tattoo.

Harley Davidson Tattoos – Popular Tattoo Designs

The Harley Davidson motorcycle and brand is an icon. Harley tattoos are a way of paying tribute to the bike, and connecting with the world wide Harley community. If you are interested in Harley tattoo designs, I will look at the most popular designs, and show you which are the best tattoo galleries out there, specifically for the Harley tattoo.

Cute Tattoos For Girls

Many women are looking for cute tattoos. They may be looking for a tattoo that reminds them of there childhood and a time of innocence.

Unique Tattoo Ideas

A unique tattoo idea is something you should consider when picking out a tattoo design. If you have a tattoo that is unique it will usually have more meaning to you.

Heart Tattoos – The Meanings Behind The Tattoo Of Love

The heart is an enduring symbol of love that has lasted the test of time, and heart tattoos provide a special way to display that love. It has been used by many cultures throughout history, and its popularity as a tattoo design is growing year by year.

3 Things To Consider Before Getting Tattoos

In the past 20 years tattoos have gone from the fringe of society to the cultural mainstream. People young and old, men and women, are getting tattooed in increasing numbers. Some of these tattoos are successful expressions of personal philosophies and beliefs while others are permanent blunders that lead to dissatisfaction.

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