Georgia Peach: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

The ladies take over Anonymous Tattoo in Savannah, GA, to host a battle between three local artists. Which one will survive an Elimination Tattoo, an Angel Face Off, and earn a spot on Ink Master Season 11? Ink Master: Angels airs Tuesdays 9/8c on Paramount Network.

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The series features three of “Ink Master” Season 8’s top female competitors – Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty and Nikki Simpson – as they travel the country and go head to head with some of America’s most talented tattoo artists. Competitors will face a variety of tattoo-based challenges to see who has what it takes to beat the “Angels” and earn a spot on Season 11 of “Ink Master.”

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Female Tattoos

Women generally chose their tattoos for very different reasons than men, females are more influenced by their feminine nature and societies perception and tend not to get caught up in macho side of tattoo choice. I.e. huge shoulder pieces, full sleeves etc. This leads to smaller and more delicate designs often in more sensual locations.

How to Prevent Infection & Conduct Effective Aftercare for New Tattoos

Warning – If you have just had a new tattoo there are key aftercare steps you should follow to ensure excellent healing, hygiene and ultimate happiness with your new tattoo. You’ve got this far don’t ruin it in a moment of ignorance, here we outline simple tattoo aftercare practices.

Popular Tattoo Design Ideas & Their Symbolic Meaning

What tattoo should I choose? What are common tattoo styles? What do they mean? Here we outline some of the most popular tattoo ideas, you will see the most popular and common tattoo designs.

The Secret Of A Unique and Personalized Tattoo Design

All the searching, the hassle of it all going from one tattoo place to another looking at their flash books and not seeing anything you like 99% of the free ones are crap they are not unique or personalized at all they suck hundreds if not thousands all ready have it and most of them wish they did not get it.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years and can be found in many different cultures. The ancient Egyptians used tattoos, African tribesmen used tattoos and very often these tattoos had a religious significance. In the West tattooing has long been a favorite of servicemen, particularly those serving in the navy. Modern day bikers are also heavily into tattoos and it is not unusual to see them covered from head to foot in tattoos of varying designs. Nowadays it is also becoming more popular for women to have tattoos and most female celebrities appear to have at least one, usually on the upper arm or back.

Learning How To Become A Tattoo Artist

With the tattoo industry becoming more popular, the potential for making a career out of tattooing is opening up for a lot of people. If you are one of the individuals who can see themselves working as a tattoo artist, then there are some things you need to know first. In this article you will learn how to become a tattoo artist.

Cheap Tattoo Ink

As a tattoo artist, you go through a lot of supplies. One of these supplies is tattoo ink. For tattoo artists of all experience levels, tattoo ink is the lifeblood of your business or hobby, obviously. If tattoo ink is starting to break your budget, then read on for tips on finding cheap tattoo ink.

Tattoo Starter Kits

Tattoos are the perfect way for anyone to express themselves. The possibilities are in no way limited when it comes to decorating your body with permanent ink. Whether you are into tattoo by hobby or are looking to make it your profession, you have the need for good, quality tattoo starter kits.

Tattoo Stencil Paper

When you are a tattoo artist, nothing is as important as getting the designs your customers want right. Permanent mistakes can ruin you as a credible artist. The tool most often used by professional tattoo artist to make sure the designs are right is tattoo stencil paper. Read on to learn how it works and where you can get it.

Tattoo Transfer Paper

Tattoo transfer paper is a great tool for any style of tattooing. It can be used to create temporary tattoos or to provide a guide for permanent tattooing. The wide range of tattoo possibilities is based often on tattoo transfer paper. Read on to find out more about the paper, and where it can be purchased.

Purchasing a Tattoo Gun

A tattoo gun is the most central piece of tattoo equipment. If you are serious about tattooing, then your tattoo gun purchase is very important. Whether you are looking for a tattoo gun in order to start practicing the art of tattoo, or you are looking to supply a tattoo parlor, purchasing a tattoo gun is a very big step. Let us show you how to go about it.

Review of the Best Sites That Offer Custom Tattoo Designs Online

I am in the market for a new tattoo and I visited several sites to get a custom design. This is a review of the top five sites that I discovered in my search.

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