Grudge Match Wrap-Up w/ Ryan, DJ & Cleen | Ink Master

With the Grudge Match season coming to a close, we caught up with Ryan, DJ and Cleen to hear what they had to say about their experience as judges. Gonna miss these guys! 😢

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Ink Masters Ryan Ashley Malarkey, DJ Tambe and Cleen Rock One take over the judges’ seats in a new competition that pits bitter rivals against each other.

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Where is the Best Location on My Body to Get Tattoo?

Almost every part on your body can get a tattoo except hair, teeth and nails. Men also tend to get tattoos on the different location from women. This is because men have the different reason from women to get tattoo.

The Latest Fashion is to Combine Tribal Tattoo Design With Modern Design

To get your body tattooed and that too with tribal tattoo designs has lately been in fashion. Tribal designs take you back to the olden times of glory. They remind of the rich culture of the past. In the ancient times, groups of people like the Celts, Egyptians and Aztecs used tribal tattoos for a variety of reasons.

Are You Looking For Some Funky Tribal Tattoo Designs?

In the modern era when tribal tattoo has become the trend of the time, it is not just the men who are going for funky tribal tattoos but women too are interested in getting their bodies tattooed. Women don’t want to be left behind in any way so why shouldn’t they look funky and cool.

Why Are Tribal Tattoos So Popular?

Tribal tattoos are driving people crazy with their amazing variety of designs and styles. If you contact a tattoo artist, you’ll be amazed to see such a marvelous variety of tribal tattoo styles. Some popular designs include dragon tribal tattoo, butterfly tribal tattoo, scorpion tribal tattoo and a lot more. Lately more and more people are visiting the tattoo shops to get their body tattooed.

Military Tattoo Designs – Show Your Love For the Country

The members of the armed forces and other military men use tattoos to remind them of their struggles during war. Some military tattoo designs have been inscribed on these valiant men to symbolize brotherhood among comrades. Civilians who have loved ones who perished during military missions also use tattoos to honor their memories.

3 Star Tattoo Ideas

Want to learn 3 of the best star tattoo ideas? Here are your options for killer star tattoo designs!

How do Tattoos Work?

If you are going to have your first tattoo, you may wonder that how the tattoo process works. How can they put those beautiful arts on to your skin?

The Most 3 Popular Tattoo Designs

If you are thinking about having a tattoo, there are so many different styles of tattoos to choose from. This article will explain you about the most popular tattoo designs such as Tribal, Dragon design, and Old School that been around more than a decade.

Forearm Tattoos – Locating the Quality Designs to Put on Your Forearms

Any person who has taken a bit of free time to look for forearm tattoos realizes the web is loaded with generic junk. The way things are going right now, the average surfer won’t even find “one” gallery that has fresh, quality tattoo designs. Why is this happening? I will tell you why and I’ll also tell you how to change it around, so that you can find as many great forearm tattoos as you need to make a decision.

Leg Tattoo Design – Getting Fresh, Quality Tattoos For Your Legs

Choosing the right leg tattoo design has gotten a whole lot harder than it used to be. There was a time when you could find the good, quality designs in a heart beat, but this is no longer happening. All people run into are the same worthless galleries that have nothing but old, generic artwork and nothing else. Here is how you can easily change this around, while finding the leg tattoo design you truly want.

Friendship Tattoo Designs – Finding Good Artwork For This Great Tribute

You probably have a pretty good idea of what kind of friendship tattoo designs you like. The difficult part is getting hold of the fresh, “quality” artwork on the web. There is just so much generic junk and that is all most people end up seeing, which his a real shame. I want to help you change this around, so you can locate the truly good friendship tattoo designs available to you.

Looking For Good Back Tattoos For Men on the Net

It’s almost like all of the good back tattoos for men have been bundled up and hidden away from reach. I know so many guys who constantly struggle to find “any” great tattoo artwork on the internet. All they see are the same generic designs and cookie cutter artwork that’s been floating around the net for nine years. Here’s how you can easily reverse this problem, while getting to the good back tattoos for men out there.

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