Healed by an Angel: Angels Tattoo Face Off | Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)

Oklahoma City artist Drew Shurtleff competes against Nikki in hopes of making a name for himself before the birth of his son.

Ink Master: Angels airs Tuesdays 9/8c on Paramount Network.

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The series features three of “Ink Master” Season 8’s top female competitors – Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty and Nikki Simpson – as they travel the country and go head to head with some of America’s most talented tattoo artists. Competitors will face a variety of tattoo-based challenges to see who has what it takes to beat the “Angels” and earn a spot on Season 11 of “Ink Master.”

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Tribal Tattoo and Modern Tattoo Combination!

A great solution for getting a tribal and modern design is combining the two into one. Here are some important tattoo design ideas for a modern and tribal tattoo design.

Tattoo Ideas – What and Where?

The two most important issues in getting a tattoo is what and where. Learn how to deal with both of these very important issues.

Experience the Ancient World With a Tribal Tattoo

A brief history of these uses will give people who may want a tribal tattoo a better idea of exactly what they want in a tattoo. More than just designs, these tribal symbols are often fraught with meaning and can signify many different aspects of human life.

Chinese Tattoos – How To Get The Perfect Design

Chinese tattoos are a beautiful and mysterious form of self expression, especially if they include the Chinese writing symbols. So if you’re planning to get one of these tattoos, here’s how to get the perfect design.

Chinese And Tribal Tattoos

Tattoos have served as rites of passage, marks of status and rank, symbols of religious and spiritual devotion and many other purposes over the years. They have become more popular in many parts of the world, particularly in North America, Japan, and Europe. They have had a rich and colourful history in western world for the better part of two hundred years. And this is shown by the increasing number of historical figures and modern day celebrities who have or currently have body art.

Exploring Your Options When Considering a Temporary Tattoo

There are many reasons why one may choose to get a temporary tattoo instead of the real thing. A temporary tattoo is a great alternative for those who don’t quite have the stomach for the real thing. One of the many benefits of temporary tattoos is that they don’t require any needles, and therefore don’t require any pain.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos – A Beginners Guide

Chinese symbol tattoos are rapidly growing in popularity all round the world. In fact, more than six thousand people search for the phrase “Chinese Tattoos” on the internet every single day. But that’s not surprising as Chinese symbol tattoos are extremely beautiful and mysterious.

The Various Means of Tattoo Removal

There are several prominent methods for tattoo removal. There are many reasons why people may want tattoo removal. Perhaps you’ve had a girlfriend’s name tattooed across your chest, only to find out that she’s cheating on you.

Heart Tattoo Design Styles

A heart tattoo design has different design styles. Here are three important heart tattoo design styles to choose from.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo – Symbolic Beauty

The tattooing world has very few favorites. Phoenix bird is one of them. Do you know where this interesting picture comes from? What is the symbolic significance of this awesome picture? We will look at the reasons this bird design has become one of enduring symbols of time.

Small Tattoo Pictures – Your Small Ideas To Big Fashion!

You can express your emotions through tattoos. They can highlight your heartfelt emotions as well as your lifestyle.

Tattoos – Frequently Asked Questions

There are many myths surrounding tattoos. There are also many frequently asked questions about tattoos. Here we try to answer or dispel the top 3 questions or myths about getting a tattoo.

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