Hilarious Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Cringe and Laugh At The Same Time

In this episode we’ll show you Hilarious Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Cringe and Laugh At The Same Time. Putting ink on your skin forever is a lot of responsibility, but it looks like some people donโ€™t really care about going to a professional tattoo artist. Watch these hilarious tattoo fails that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time. Look through to the end, and never make these mistakes in your life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soIFTtayEZI

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Thinking About Getting an Armband Tattoo Design?

Tattoos that you usually see on most people connote different meanings. It may mean spiritual devotion, bravery, love pledges and many more. Today tattoos are considered as body enhancement unlike before when they were a symbol of social status in the society. Most tattoo lovers especially men love to flaunt their tattoo that is why they consider armband tattoos.

Tattoo Ink Removal – What Works?

Previous to laser treatment tattoo ink removal was done by destroying the skin containing the ink. The skin would be burned, frozen, or excised surgically. The use of Q-Switched lasers has effectively diminished the abrasive nature of tattoo removal with successful results and is now a commonly used method for tattoo removal.

Super Sexy Hearts, Stars, and Butterfly Tattoos – Cute and Sexy Tattoo Designs For Girls

If you are looking for a cute, and sexy tattoo design for girls then you will definitely want to read this article. It shows why butterfly, stars and hearts are some of the most popular and hot tattoo designs for girls.

Cross Tattoos – Everything From Girly to Small, Religious and Celtic Tattoo Designs

One of the most popular and flexible tattoo designs is the cross, which may or may not depict religious significance. Cross tattoos have many different meanings and designs vary from the simplest to the most elaborate. Perhaps this is why they appeal to a wide number of tattoo aficionados – men and women, young and old.

Polynesian Tattoos – Samoan, Hawaiian, Tiki and Maori Tattoo Designs

Polynesia – a beautiful group of islands scattered over the mystical Pacific Ocean. Along with the adventurous people and a rich culture and tradition is the brilliant Polynesian tattoo art that’s worthy of admiration worldwide. Polynesian tattoos are an ancient art that has attracted art and tattoo lovers of the modern times. Below are some of the types of Polynesian tattoos for you to consider.

Flower Tattoos – Top 5 Tattoo Designs That Women Love

The art of tattooing is becoming more and more popular as the years pass. Nowadays, not only men get tattoos, women now have increased interest in this form of body art. And with the rise in the number of tattooed women, comes the rise in popularity of flower tattoos. Generally, a flower tattoo design represents nature and life, but a certain kind of flower can have a more specific meaning. Furthermore, a different color can symbolize a different thing. Here’s a list of top 5 flower tattoo designs that women love:

Tattoos With Tribal Art – Cross, Skull, Butterfly, Flower and Dragon Tattoo Designs

When we say tribal tattoos, we primarily think of forms of art or design that indigenous tribes have as a permanent mark or identification. Each design has a significant meaning, but like other things, tattoo concepts change, designs evolve, and meanings vary. Thanks to these ancient tribal tattoos, we saw the birth of contemporary tribal designs, like the cross, the skull, the butterfly, the flower, and the dragon.

Choosing Your First Tattoo Design

Before you walk in the doors to get your first tattoo get yourself into the mindset that YOU are the customer, and you will not be intimidated. Unsatisfied clients come about everyday. One reason for this is customers getting tattooed under pressure. However, be prepared to talk with your tattoo artist, have some solid ideas about what you want and help in the design process at the very least by expressing your likes, dislikes, hopes and expectations.

About Chinese Tattoo Symbols – 5 Reasons Why Chengyu Can Make a Killer Chinese Tattoo

Since more people are starting to be concerned about uniqueness and originality in their Chinese tattoo symbols, instead of settling over “popular” Chinese tattoo ideas, they want something more special that can truly shine of one’s personality. This article brings a look into why Chengyu is well fit for these group of people.

Allen Iverson Tattoos – The Inspiration That He Needs to Play His Heart Out

It seems as if you cannot go anywhere without seeing someone that has their bodies adorned in tattoos, look at the famous basketball star Allen Iverson’s tattoos for instance. Allen has been criticized for all the ink that he has on his body, but who is to say how many or how few tattoos a person is truly allowed.

Tattoo Cover Up Options – How to Deal With a Workplace Tattoo Policy

So you have the coolest tattoos and the last thing you want to do is cover them up. Believe me, I know!

Sexy Tattoos – Simple Ideas You Need to Know That Will Make Your Next Tattoo Very Sexy

Sexy tattoos are the rage these days. Everyone seems to want one but there is no real agreement on exactly what makes a sexy tattoo. Here are some great, simple ideas that will help make your next tattoo very sexy.

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