How to combine Tattoos and Piercings?

A tattoo and piercing, each by itself, is beautiful body art and a great way to express your style and enhance your appearance. Piercings can compliment the look of your tattoo. But if you want to make your tattoo stand out the best way to do this is to combine it with a piercing. In this video we’ll show you some examples how you can combine Tattoos and Piercings.

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Get Inked With Body Art – Add a Twist to That Rose Tattoo

Tribal rose tattoos definitely add a little something to your typical rose. If this is something you have decided that you want, do some research for before actually getting it on your skin. It would be very helpful if you read up on what the rose symbolizes, where to put it and what design to choose exactly.

Get Inked With Body Art Beauty – Five Common Tribal Heart Tattoos

The popularity of tribal heart tattoos has soared over the past years. It may be because more and more celebrities and rock stars have been sporting this cool image. In addition to this, tribal heart tattoos pose a youthful rebellious charm to it that no other tattoo design can.

A Scorpion Tribal Tattoo – Is it For You?

Are you having a hard time selecting a tattoo design? Are you tired of the usual snake, dragon or tiger images that signify strength and power? There are other animals that can be a good tattoo design other than these. In fact if you are looking for something exotic and not so much used, you should definitely consider a scorpion.

Tribal Tiger Tattoos – How Do You Choose Your Tribal Tiger Tattoo Design?

The tiger is revered as a special animal among Asian countries. It symbolizes several virtues. Its ferociousness symbolizes power and strength, especially in China. In fact, because of its powerful energy it is usually seen with the Chinese God of Wealth.

A Kiss For a Tribal Rose Tattoo

The tribal flower tattoos have sub-categories within it and tribal rose tattoos are one of the most popular. The versatility of the tribal pattern has made it popular among tattoo enthusiasts. It can be done as a standalone or as a background for another design.

Tribal Flower Tattoos Depict Feminine Body Art

The first step in getting a tattoo is choosing a design. For first timers, the most common choice is a flower. Its association with beauty is the reason behind its universal appeal, especially for women.

Scorpion Tribal Tattoos – The Tribal Tattoo Insect of Fear

A scorpion is a potent insect that evokes fear. It is often regarded in a negative light. It was used as a symbol for revenge in Greek mythology, constant reminder of death in certain culture, and lust in some. It represents treachery, pain, wickedness and envy.

All-Star Aztec Tribal Tattoos – Are Aztec Tribal Tattoos For You?

Mesoamerican cultures brought several changes to the world. In particular, the civilizations that created impacts on politics, religion, and life ways. The Aztec culture is the most distinctive in ancient Mesoamerica. Their culture is so powerful, that even today; it is being honored and practiced by a large group of people in Mexico, the country that is believed to be the origin of this strong ethnicity.

Daring to Have Tribal Dragon Tattoos

No one would ever dare to explain why a Dragon, a legendary creature, has created a huge impact in the lives of people today. Is it because people have heard a lot of stories about it, which makes it real? Or is it because the stories that were told since long time ago have been embodied by the people, made these affect their lives and daily living?

Foot Tattoos Trendy Designs on Your Feet

Foot tattoos are just another name of fashion. You accept new styles and trends for looking more stunning. Foot tattoo gives your foot a unique look. It decorates the feet and brings beauty on them. After you get a tattoo, your foot dances with joy. It just changes the overall appearance of your feet which no makeup can do.

Learn How to Buy the Best Tattoo Designs

There are many factors that you need to consider when you want to buy tattoo designs. Getting a tattoo is an intensely personal decision, and the type of tattoo you want to get, even more so! So it’s integral that you think deeply about the type of tattoo you want to get, its connotations as well as what it symbolizes!

The Different Styles of Bull Tattoo

Bull tattoos are symbolic of masculinity as far as the Samoans are concerned. Samoa’s rich history and cultural diversity has ensured that the art of tattooing, first introduced more than two thousand years ago in Samoa, has burgeoned into a global movement! Tatau, the Samoan word for tattoo, portrays correctness and workmanlike traits. These two traits have led to the concept of tattoos being masculine, and bull tattoos, more so! Apart of its rich cultural magnificence, why should one give attention to the various vagaries of the Samoans? And what do they have to do with the concept of bull tattoos?

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