How to Protect Your Tattoo in Summer?

Ready for the sun? Of course you are! But your tattoos might need some extra sun protection. Watch our new video and you’ll lern how to protect your skin and tattoo from fading.

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Star Foot Tattoos – Find the Sites That Post Good Artwork

Something very weird is starting to happen when you hop online to look for star foot tattoos. You’ll bump into untold amounts of generic laced galleries, where your only option is to sift through cookie cutter images. A tiny change can lead you in the opposite direction, to sites that post crisp, well drawn star foot tattoos.

What to Do Before You Get a Tattoo

One may not think that you will have to prepare yourself for getting a tattoo but you would be wrong. It is highly suggested that you get a good nights sleep the night before and be well fed before getting a tattoo. The reason for getting a good nights sleep is so that while you are getting your tattoo you will be more relaxed and able to sit still.

Tribal American Flag Tattoo – Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo!

So you have decided to get a tribal American flag tattoo. That’s the easy part. Now you have to decide what design you want. In this situation, “easier said than done” is a huge understatement. You are about to permanently put art on your body…not something to be taken lightly.

Tattoo Picks – Best Tattoo Picks of ’09

Want to see the best tattoo picks so far for 2009? Here are the designs doing the best so far.

Kelly Ripa Tattoo Regret

When one thinks of wholesome, clean cut, girl next door, Kelly Ripa the last thing that comes to their mind is that she has a tattoo. The Live With Regis and Kelly co-star does indeed have a tattoo.

Buy Tattoos Online For the Highest Quality Designs

You may be tempted to use a website that offers free tattoo designs, but are these really high quality designs? Find out if you should get a free design or if you should buy tattoos online.

Girls Tattoo Ideas – 5 Great Ideas

Choosing a design doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s a good selection of design ideas that always work on girls and I go into them here.

Egyptian Cat Tattoos

Egyptian cat tattoos have a long history and can be found throughout history for thousands of years. In this article, I’m going to cover some of the historical significance of Egyptian cat tattoos and also provide information you need in order to help you choose the right Egyptian cacti to free you.

Tattoo Kits – Help For Beginners

Choosing and buying the right tattoo kits is extremely important – whether you’re a beginner or have been in the tattoo business for awhile. Many people are getting tattoos with hopes of expressing themselves in a more unique way. In other words, tattoos are a raging and thriving business! Enhancing the beauty of the body with tattoo designs, has become the craze in today’s society.

Tattoo Wings – An Alluring and Mysterious Design

Tattoo wings are becoming more and more popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Men and women both are fascinated by the beauty and elegance of wings. What makes this design so mysterious and alluring?

Printable Tattoo Designs – Finding the Better Artwork You Want

Do you know how many people are spending their free time skimming the most generic printable tattoo designs? The percentage is probably around 90%, which is shocking, until you realize the one thing most people do wrong when looking for artwork. I’ll tell this to you, along with the easiest and most beneficial way to uncover huge galleries full of quality printable tattoo designs.

Find Better Artwork For the Tattoo Styles That You Want

No matter which tattoo styles you think you like, nothing beats seeing the best, highest quality artwork. So many people are settling on so much less, because they weed through a bunch of generic, cookie cutter designs and not much else. There’s a very good reason this happens, and I’ll show you how to stop it, so you can pick from astounding artwork for your tattoo styles.

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