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When you see 7 colors in a photo, artists like Steve Butcher, Steve Wimmer, Yomico Moreno, and Rich Pineda see 70. With hyper-realism, there’s nothing that can’t be created.

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We set off to explore the different individual styles of tattooing, what makes them unique and the artistry it takes to execute them.

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The Bright Art of Sun Tattoo Design

A very popular design for many customers coming into a tattoo shop is a sun tattoo design. The design may be part of a much larger image that can also feature moon designs and star motifs along a celestial theme of images.

A Great Picture of Tiger Tattoos the Animal Inside

For many people looking to have a bit of the wild side tattooed on their bodies, there’s nothing like a picture of tiger tattoo. The tiger is known throughout the world as a fierce and wild creature and many people who want this sort of tattoo may want other people to think of them this way too.

Why Go With a Small Heart Tattoo Picture?

For anyone wanting to get a tattoo that is smaller and easier to hide, a small heart tattoo picture is probably the best little tattoo design you can get. Taking up only a small spot on your arm or leg, the small heart tattoo picture is easy to hide and is perfect for customers who may want to hide the fact that they have tattoos.

The Best Tattoo Design for Females

When a female customer comes into a tattoo shop and looks for a specific design to have for an image she may be looking for a tattoo design for female customers. This sort of tattoo design can include such images as flowers, fantasy animals and celestial images such as stars, moons and moon designs.

Be Careful When You Choose a Picture of a Heart Tattoo

You can go anywhere in the world and find a tattoo shop that will have a design of a heart that you can get tattooed on your body. It’s such a popular symbol that it can be found in all cultures and countries of the world. Many tattoo shops have artists that have been doing this sort of design for many years and are almost masters at the style. Customers can have a lot of fun trying to find what design they want to have.

Scary Pictures of Skull Tattoos

The skull design that some people may bring to the tattoo shop artist may have been found in a search online going through web site databases of images. Once the customer finds an image that might look nice as a tattoo design, they take that image to the tattoo artist and have a sketch made of a unique design that has the skull image in it.

What to Look For When Choosing a Heart Tattoo Design

The safest thing to do is to go with a heart tattoo design that is simple and plain and has no lover’s name inside the design – just in case things don’t work out. Having the name of a family member or someone who’s passed away is safe enough to have in the design though.

Pictures of Religious Tattoos Hold Mixed Meanings

Some people choose to have religious tattoos because of their faith and because they want to proclaim this faith in as many ways as they can. They can talk about it, or sing about it or have people see it for themselves by looking at the religious tattoos on their bodies. For many years tattoo shops have been getting customers who come into the shop and want certain religious symbols tattooed on their bodies.

Lower Back Tattoo Designs are a Classy Place to Wear Your Tatt

Some people who may want to have a tattoo but don’t want a lot of people to see it may choose to have a lower back tattoo design applied that will stay out of sight most of the time. A picture of lower back tattoo will stay under the edge of your shirt or blouse and is appropriate for business people who may have to deal with the public everyday.

A Bouquet of Hawaiian Flower Tattoo Pictures

Many women, when they can’t decide on what they might like for a tattoo, choose flowers more often than not simply because they know that they will like the design for many years to come. There are many styles and types of flower designs in tattoo shop catalogs that the customer can choose from.

Create a Killer Picture of Scorpion Tattoo

Some people like to have a more fearsome design for their tattoos and choose a picture of scorpion tattoo for their image. This is a popular design for tattoos especially the black scorpion and red scorpion designs. Artists sometimes modify the scorpion design and add different colors or extra claws to make it look more unique.

New Technology Lets You Design Tattoos Online

Many people may not realize that you can design a tattoo online by going to a web site and inputting an image or choosing one that the site has available. The chosen image can then be modified or altered by the web site artist and submitted to you several times until the final design is ready.

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