Incredible Photorealistic Portraits Tattoos by Aleksandr O’kharin

Aleksandr O’kharin (also known as Sasha) is a Russian tattoo artist from Saint Petersburg. He is working at Blackout tattoo collective. He creates incredible photorealistic portraits with awesome compositions and 3D effects. So, let’s enjoy his art!


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All About Online Tattoo Galleries

If you are thinking about or seriously considering getting a tattoo, or multiple tattoos, you need to look at online tattoo galleries, to see just what is available before you make a final decision on what kind of tattoo to get permanently added to your skin. An online tattoo gallery is a website that displays high quality printable images of peoples tattoos, all arranged by type of tattoo. This can be extremely useful to you in many different ways. If you do not know what type of tattoo you want, you can see examples from many different styles and types of tattoos, and pick the style or type that fits your unique personality and style best.

Lover’s Tattoos – Considering Your Options Before You and Your Loved One Get Mutual Tattoos

Love is certainly a wonderful thing. When two people are in love, they tend to do things they ordinarily wouldn’t do, and they do them without giving it much thought. If you and a loved one are considering getting mutual lover’s tattoos to show your feelings for one another, you may want to consider a few things first.

Black and White Tattoo Designs – Largest Number of Designs on the Web

Black and white tattoo designs are becoming more and more rare these days. Since there are lots of good black and white tattoo designs, it can take a lot of time to find the most special one for your new tattoo.

Dragon Tattoos in All Shapes and Sizes

Many different cultures from all over the world have legends and stories about dragons. They appear in fiction from many different time periods also, and take many shapes, sizes, and have numerous color patterns, and are known by many differing names, depending on which culture the legends are from. They are also one of the most popular and customizable types of tattoos currently available.

Wrist Tattoos For Girls – Finding the Best Tattoo Art Around the Web

Finding high quality wrist tattoos for girls has become a bit like brain surgery. The comparison here is that both are very hard to do. The web is now cluttered with so many generic laced sites, which means that most of you are seeing nothing but the same cookie cutter stuff. I’ll share the inside scoop on pin pointing the sites that have tons of fresh, original, well drawn wrist tattoos for girls.

Locating a Tattoo For a Woman – Finding Sites That Still Post Original Art

Generic galleries have exploded onto the net, making it extremely hard to find a good tattoo for a woman. The worst part is that not many people are figuring out a way to locate the better galleries, which have great, higher quality artwork. I’ll help you out in that regard, because you deserve to see original, well drawn artwork when searching for a tattoo for a woman.

Guy Tattoos – A Good Portion of Men Will Not Find Decent Artwork

It’s time to switch up the ways you look for guy tattoos. You don’t “have” to, but if you don’t, the reality is that you’ll see loads of generic, cookie cutter designs and nothing else. There’s a very specific way you’ll want to look for guy tattoos, because it leads you to fresh, original, high quality artwork.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo – Locate Great Tribals in No Time

The way things are going, it might take you months to find a decent tribal sleeve tattoo. Why? Because the web is so cluttered with generic, cookie cutter artwork, and most people run directly into it. I will tell you the easier and quickest way to uncover high quality galleries that will have great tribal sleeve tattoo collections.

Lower Back Tattoos – How You’ll Find High Quality Artwork Online

You probably have a very good idea of the type of lower back tattoos you like. Whatever styles or design you love, a lot depends on how you’re hunting for artwork. The wrong way will lead you right to loads of generic, cookie cutter tats. The right way, which I’ll share with you, will get you to the sites that post galleries full of superb lower back tattoos.

Tattoo Art Gallery – How You’ll Find Great Galleries of Tattoos

What kind of tattoo art gallery are you skimming through? It’s a legit question, because the majority of us spend most of our spare time looking through the most generic artwork and loads of cookie cutter designs. You don’t have to follow that downward path, because I’ll share the best way to uncover any high quality tattoo art gallery you need.

Good Tribal Shoulder Tattoos Are Hard to Find Now

You have an unlimited choice of tribal shoulder tattoos when you hop online. This sounds good in theory, until you realize that you’ve been looking through site after site that has nothing available besides generic, cookie cutter junk. This occurs so often, to such a wide range of people, which is why I want to show you the simplest way to uncover amazing tribal shoulder tattoos.

Are Tattoos Safe?

A lot of people fear that getting a tattoo is not safe because there are slight chances that you can get infected with Hepatitis B or C as well as HIV or Aids. However, the chances of this happening are rather slim. Tattoos in general are very safe, that is if you choose an appropriate facility that has the proper sterilizing and cleaning equipment and follows all recommended safety precautions you should have no worries.

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